Thursday, 30 December 2010

Revisiting my Aims

Back in January.....inspired by Ali Edwards ' one little word'.......I chose 'aims' as my word for the year.....and blogged about it here........I thought it was time to revisit my 'aims'.......and see how I've done.
I had 3 main aims.
1. To recycle more......I think I'm doing ok here......I already recycled in all sorts of ways....but  I did still buy too much 'new' stuff.....and a definate improvement here.....have had a fairly thrifty year so far.....very little bought new....especially in the craft department.....and very proud of my recycled garden tree....not to mention the recycled bedroom.....and all the recycled old stash!!!

    2. To grow more.......not me personally....I wish [height wise!!].....but things to eat......not done as well as I would have liked.....the veg patch isn't ready yet.......but we've planted 3 fruit trees......eaten our own assorted salad leaves, potatoes,courgettes, blueberries  blackcurrants,tomatoes and peppers ........lots of trees were laden this year.....lots of cooked apples in the freezer.
3. To complete more scrapbooking......and this is a definate YES.......Shimelle's 'Something from Almost Nothing' class really got me back into scrapping.......aided by 'Camp Scrap' ..........and then more by Shimelle's other classes........not to mention some of the inspiring blogs I plenty more to come.
These are 2 of my favourite LOs this year. 

Have you revisited your 'word' lately? How did you do with it? Are you joining in this coming year?
I've chosen my word for next year......and will blog about it soon.


Sian said...

Grow more!! lol - me too.

I love your choices of favourite layouts and now I'm looking forward to reading about your word for 2011.

Kathyk said...

Might have to start thinking of a word for the year . . .

Two lovely layouts - I can quite see how they would be favourites Jacky.

Well done on the veg you have managed to grow this year, you're beating me for sure, and on the stash front too - I have NO WILLPOWER!



Kristel said...

This looks truly great Jacky!! Wonderful!
Hugs Kristel

Rhona said...

Sounds like you've done quite well with your "aims" for this year and I look forward to hearing what your word for next year will be. I love your layouts in this post, especially the one with Alexia (but then I am a bit baby biased at the moment!)
Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope it will be a good one for all of you.

Carolyn Phillips said...

I was just thinking how well you've done as well. Look forward to reading about your 2011 word.

I had enjoy for 2010, and am swithering between two different things for 2011 and waiting for the decision to become obvious.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I need to revisit my horizons from 2010 as well. On the whole, I think I did okay on many of them.

pinky said...

Well you really did do well Jacky, seems like you achieved a heck of a lot from your list, well done. Wondering what next year's word is;)

Amy said...

The scrapbook pages are lovely. I think I may try and grow some things this year. Probably things that can be grown in containers and put up on a bench or something, otherwise Lily dog will be munching her way through everything x

Amy said...

I think you have done very well Jacky! I had trouble deciding on a word this year and really I didn't follow along or have anything specific ... this year is different and I have signed up to Ali's class, which is low key and seems to be a nice one to follow along with at an easy pace. I think I have my word sorted too ... will blog about it more at a later date!

Chocolate Mousie said...

I never thought of revisiting my word from last year to see how it went. Thanks for the great push to check into myself. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

I don't know about grow more...I'd hoped to shrink a bit in 2010!!

You've certainly done well with your aims & can't wait to read about your word for 2011...I've chosen mine...I had a Eureka moment in the shower yesterday!!

I love your two favourite LO's...Shimelle's 'Something From Almost Nothing' was a huge catalyst for me too this year & I've a couple of other things in the pipeline for 2011 that should keep the momentum going!

Wishing you & yours a very Happy New year..may it bring you all you wish for! xx

Karen said...

It sounds like a pretty successful year for AIMS. I have my word chosen, and have been reflecting on my word for 2010. Hope to have the post up on the first.

Rachel B said...

Great pages Jacky. I remember when you redecorated your bedroom but I had forgotten how gorgeous the wallpaper is!

I have a few goals for 2011, most of which I think I have blogged about now. I just need to get more organised! :)