Monday, 25 May 2015

Blog Hop Winner

Many thanks to all who visited my blog hop post......and left such lovely comments.
The winner of the little scrapbooking generated by random 34....and that is Daphne.
Please email me with your address,Daphne.......and a little scrapbooking related package will be on the way to you.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Here we go....a few too many supplies

One of the posts on Jennifer's Weekend Extravaganza was to focus on excess supplies......I love anything travel related.....but don't actually travel that tend to have rather too many papers,stickers etc sitting around......not to mention all the travel junk tickets etc that I keep.
So this focus got me making the front page of my USA album......breakfast at Heathrow Airport as we waited to board our plane.
And yes I know.....there is a definate excess of 'stuff' on this page.......there's tickets,boarding pass,luggage band,stickers,papers,wood veneer,postage stamps [from envelopes sent to me from fellow bloggers] and more.....but I'm cool with that....better than it all being shoved in an envelope somewhere!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Grid inspiration......with San Francisco street art

I had a pretty busy weekend and didn't manage to catch many of  Jennifer's 'Focus your Craft and Soul' posts I've been catching up a bit this week......there's so much inspiration there.....but her use of a grid really caught my attention.
I took so many photos in San Francisco when Rinda took us for a walk round all the street art in the Mission district......I wanted to be able to include a few photos on a scrapbook using a grid seemed perfect.
The rest of the photos from that morning will probably go into page protectors.....rather than onto pages.
The art on the buildings and walls was totally was the burrito that we had for lunch.
It was sad to hear though that the area is being 'gentrified' and the real locals can no longer afford to live here....we actually heard this complaint frequently while in San Francisco.....doesn't just happen in the UK then!
Many thanks to Rinda for showing us round this amazing area....we would never have known to visit it as 'tourists'.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Focus your Craft and Soul blog hop

Welcome to my part of the Focus your Craft and Soul blog hop.....which is part of Jennifer's weekend craft extravaganza.
Over the past year the focus in my house has been on plans to celebrate DD1's 'big' birthday [and her friend's one].....she knew exactly what she wanted to epic 2 week visit to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii.
The focus has been on.....when to go.....connecting the flights....where to stay....places to see....trips to go to have.
She was determined to see and do as much as humanly possible in 2 we had a pretty exciting [and exhausting] schedule.
But she also wanted to focus on having as much fun as possible....and fun she did apparently in Hawaii having a British accent greatly increases the amount of fun a girl can have!! 
So this is the first page made for what will be a massive album.
I wanted a large 'in your face' title...and found some fun, felt letters in my stash.
I also wanted the 'theme' and photos to be the most important part of the no patterned paper apart from the background....just a few flattish embellishments and appropriate quotes
I now need to focus on making the rest of the album......and DD1 has caught the travel bug....and is going to focus on saving up for a couple of years so that she can take a year out to travel!!!

Jennifer is giving away a brilliant WRK Insta Album Kit.....enter to win by commenting on all the blogs in the hop.....the giveaway closes on Sunday 24th May at 10pm [UK time] you've got plenty of time....and it's open internationally.
I'll also be giving a little scrapbook related prize to one randomly chosen commentator here...also closing Sunday,24th.
To continue on the hop please pop on to Ruth's lovely blog.......and if you get lost head back to Jennifers blog.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

All good things come to those who wait's true for bloggers as well......because we have 2 great events coming up.
Firstly....this Friday sees the start of one of Jennifer's great weekend extravaganzas 'Focus your Craft and Soul' which will be absolutely full of creative inspiration.......some great prizes....and a blog hop starting at 6pm [UK time] tomorrow [Friday 15th]....which I'll be taking part please do pop back tomorrow.
And even more goodness to come as it's almost time for Rinda's annual photography scavenger hunt......see more details here....but it's always great fun.
So much to look forward to!!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

One photo and 20 words - blog friends

Today I'm joining in with Abi's 'one photo and 20 words' - with a photo taken in San Francisco on our recent epic adventure on the other side of the world
"There are many great things about blogging
including making new friends
 it's even better when you can meet  in person"

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Back from an epic adventure

We're home from the most amazing [and exhausting] 2 weeks across the epic adventure'll no doubt get fed up of hearing about it....but here are just a few highlights.
San Francisco
 visiting can a defunct prison be so fascinating??
meeting  up with Rinda [and Luna] for an amazing tour round the Mission district
a sunset cruise under Golden Gate Bridge

a poignant visit to Pearl Harbour
Hawaii's Supreme Court building......shame there was no Steve McGarrett!
 a fascinating afternoon spent at the Dole Pineapple Plantation
a birthday meal [with complimentary dessert] at The Top of Waikiki revolving restaurant
a display of fire walking

Los Angeles
 laughing in the Waxworks Museum [some of them were terrible!]
 searching the stars
and the Hollywood Walk of Fame
being very excited at actually seeing the Hollywood sign in person
Now we just need a holiday to recuperate!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

One photo and 20 words.....lampshade making

Today I'm joining the lovely Abi for One Photo & Twenty Words
the advert said 'a free lampshade making class'
2 hours, a kit, my choice of fabric
lighting up the world!!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

A 60th birthday card

My SIL recently had her 60th some people might want to ignore getting to that age....but I think it's something to some sort of celebratory card seemed in order.
A LOTV image layered on card and decorative number and sentiment [which didn't photograph well]........and some very 3D flowers could be added as it didn't have to go in the post!
I think she liked it.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Cruisin' the Thames

OH and myself spent last weekend in internet hotel bargain to celebrate his birthday....we spent Saturday afternoon immersed in the V & A museum.....
before a wander up Oxford Street to look at the shops.....and an evening spent eating and drinking too much with my brother.
our hotel booking included free tickets for a river a freezing cold morning saw us hopping on the boat at Westminster Pier for what turned out to be a fascinating journey which began next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
opposite the London Eye
apparently....on most days the London Eye makes its owners up to a quarter of a million pounds......not bad for an attraction that was only meant to be temporary......for the millenium year.....and why Londoners call it 'the wheel of fortune'!!
Blackfriars Bridge carries trains into to it the series of columns that supported the original bridge still stand.....the original bridge itself was too weak to support modern trains.
The Millenium footbridge was built especially for the millenium.......opened by the Queen in June was closed by the police a few hours it was swaying so took a further 5 million pounds to make it is known in London as the 'wibbly wobbly bridge'.....personally I think it still sways.....and one walk across it was plenty for me!!
Southwark Bridge is a pretty little bridge.....but if you look closely you'll see that it's people free.....apparently this is the's so hard to find that if you find yourself on're probably lost!!
As you approach Tower Bridge you can see The Shard on the left.....the tallest structure in Europe.....87 storeys of glass....I won't be going to the top!!
But we had some real luck as we approached Tower opened up to let a sailing vessel through.....the first time I've ever seen it open....though apparently the record is 48 times in one day.
On a whim we decided to get off at the Tower of London and pay it a visit....OH had never been there....and it's a few years since I have.....more of that later.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The countdown begins

For DD1 it began some time ago....with the weeks,days,hours and minutes counting down on her phone.....but for me it begins today.....because 4 weeks today we will be half way across the world in San Francisco.
The excitement in our house is now tangible.....DD1 has planned for 3 years to spend a 'big birthday' in Hawaii.....her friend will be having a birthday in SF.....and they asked us to go with could we possibly refuse such an invitation.
A friend said to me "it's not a's an adventure"
That is exactly how we are looking at it.....we intend to spend every minute of everyday in San Francisco and Los Angeles exploring and discovering.....the girls intend to do the same in Hawaii....but OH and myself have decided that a bit of relaxation with cocktails and Hawaiian sunsets sounds quite good to us.
The 'paperwork' is all done......the guide books have been poured over.....excursions planned or booked.....all that remains is to keep a lid on the excitement.....and decide what to pack!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

One photo and 20 words....a new phone

Joining in with Abi's 'one photo and 20 words' today
A 'new to me' iphone
received just in time to take photos of
an American blog friend
and Hawaiian sunsets