Monday, 23 February 2015

Some 'make and take' stitching

Last weekend OH and his sister arranged to visit some relatives in Essex while I went to the Creative Craft Show at Tiptree......I enjoyed the show and bought a few essentials......but I was going to be there all day.....and there wasn't an enormous amount of it meant I had a chance to do something I never have time to do when I go to the big London shows.
I took a couple of 'make and take' workshops.
I loved this one where we made a 'layered seascape'
The little kit we were given contained a pattern to work from......the mount....and all the fabric and thread needed.
The real problem with this workshop was that it was only 1 hour and none of us had anywhere near finished at the end......even though we all felt was a shame because the teacher was very good.....and I'm sure all of us would have been happy to pay more for a 2 hour session.
I decided to finish it the day after I came home as I didn't want to forget the layering and folding techniques!!
There was quilting and embroidery on the original....but I added some beads as well.
I think I'll be making more of these little pictures.....I just need to find a frame for this one now.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pile of postcards....Valentine edition

The lovely Sian organised another bloggers postcard exchange......this time a Valentine edition......send a postcard of something you love to 6 bloggers [addresses supplied by Sian]....and receive postcards yourself from 6 different bloggers.
Its fun and enjoyable and not to be missed.
I bought postcards at the 'Ladybird by Design' exhibition......I loved the exhibition....and loved Ladybird books as a child.....and posted them off.
And over the past week or so I've received 5 cards from around the globe......2 from England [thank you Katie and Karen]....1 from Scotland [thank you Sonja].....1 from Australia [thank you Lizzy]....and 1 from the USA [thank you Liz].
And I loved that Lizzy in Australia watches the 'Foyles War' drama series that was filmed in my's that for a small world.
Thanks to Sian for organising it....and looking forward to the next one!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Just a card campaign

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

When Sarah Hamilton heard this said by a shopkeeper who'd recently had to close her gallery she decided to start a campaign to encourage people to buy from independent sellers and to understand just how important each sale is......and so began the 'Just a card' campaign.
At the time I read about this campaign Sian announced her next 'pile of postcards' exchange.....where all the participants exchange 6 postcards with other bloggers from around the world....and I visited the 'Ladybird by Design' exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill......a wonderful exhibition to celebrate 100 years of Ladybird books......a real taste of nostalgia for anyone in the UK who was a child in the 60s/70s/80s 
and like so many galleries the De La Warr has a little gift shop......and in there I bought some postcards especially made for the exhibition.....ready to send round the world.

Do you try and buy from independent sellers and galleries....even if it is 'just a card'?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Finishing off the kits

My aim this year is to try and finish off all my [many] part used kits and paper pads....card making is great for scraps are often perfect.
I had some oddments left from a small Craftwork Cards kit and have managed to use it all up on these few cards.
 There were a few papers and scraps left
 some die cut flowers
 I layered them up onto cards
and added some sentiments
A few 'anything goes' challenges this week.

Monday, 2 February 2015

A little bit of love

I don't usually do decoupage......a bit too fiddly and restricting for me.....but every now and then there's a 'freebie' pack on a mag that I buy.....I often pass them onto a friend......but I thought this set was rather cute.....and perfect with Valentine's Day coming up.
The photos don't really show just how raised some parts of the cards are.
With this year's intention of using up part used pads and kits in mind.......I sorted through my stash to find some part used pads with red and blue papers.
The sentiments and little glittery hearts came from the decoupage sheets  
and the hearts were the only part that actually needed cutting out!!
And with Valentine's Day coming up....there's a few 'love' challenges
Crafty Sentiments-love
The Ribbon Girl- romance
Dream Valley-Valentines
Card Mania-add some red

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A little bit floral

I've still got a few christmas scraps left....and I am going to finish them off......but thought I'd have a break and use something completely different.
I think my aim this year to finish all those part used paper pads and kits.....and while sorting through them I came across a part used Craftwork Cards pack with not a lot left in it.
 I cut out all the flowers from a couple of papers....and layered them up on plain card.
I recently won a blog prize from KathyK which included a sheet of butterfly stickers......the tiny ones are perfect for these cards.....thanks mate.
The cutting was done while watching TV....and the putting together very quick and easy.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Going small

I'm still using up my Graphic 45 christmas scraps.....I'm determined to have none left.
One of the things I love about Graphic 45 is that all their pads include some lovely vintage my cards have all been based around them.
 some of the pictures are quite some 3 x 3 cards were in order
I found some lovely grungy flowers that seemed to match perfectly with the style of the cards
So the pile of scraps is getting smaller and smaller.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Using up the leftovers

My christmas journal was almost entirely made from 2 part used Graphic 45  paper pads.I intended to put the leftover bits back in my christmas stash box......but then I actually looked at what I'd got....and it wasn't a seemed rather a sad little pile.
So I decided to use it all up and get a head start on next christmas......if that makes you twitch at this time of may want to look away now!!
Some black card.....punched shapes.....a sentiment.....and voila.......the first 2 into the christmas box. 
More to follow,I'm afraid!!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

JYC- the last few pages

Sometimes I finish at Boxing Day with Journal your Christmas....but this year I ended up with a few more photos that I wanted to add......especially as I had less than usual earlier in December.
The earlier pages are here and here.
I got a Tassimo coffee machine for christmas....this was totally unexpected.....sometimes surprises aren't the best presents.....but I love this......and have to stop myself from using it too much.
We 'packed away' christmas earlier than usual this year......the weather was cold,wet and just seemed like time to put it all away.
New Year's Eve was spent with friends.....a delicious meal.....plenty to drink....and some great OH is often working this day it made a really nice change.
Our girls were both working Christmas Day.......and the christmas dinners at work just didn't really cut we had another christmas dinner on New Years Day.
After a pretty slow start I'm really pleased I managed to finish my journal this year....I know that I'll enjoy looking back at it......and I'm also pleased to say that no new stash was used in it.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A bit more Christmas

Due to a very unhealthy December I'm still catching up with my Christmas journal....the pre-christmas pages are here.....and now I've got to the actual holiday pages.
A different Christmas Day for us this year as usually we have a full house.......but as both our girls were working we spent the morning with DS and family.....and the afternoon with my SIL's family.
 opening presents [great excitement]....singing and dancing and watching Frozen

lunch [and more presents] at my SIL's with 3 very excited dogs who thought ripping up wrapping paper was a great game!

family and friends at our house for a buffet and some 'photo booth' fun....and looking at the picture below I realise I've dated it wasn't the 26th....we had a very quiet Boxing was actually the that will need changing!!
Sometimes I finish my journal at this point......but as it's a lot thinner than usual this year.....and we did have some 'happenings' over New Year.....I have got a final few pages left to add.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Catching my tail with JYC

Usually I prepare my Christmas Journal in only photos,journaling and a couple of embellishments need adding to each page.....this year I didn't.
Usually I don't have flu in December....this year I did....which meant I hardly went out for over 2 weeks.....took hardly any photos.....didn't feel very christmasy....and hardly touched my journal.
I could have just let it go.....but I love these journals....and wanted to do something with what I for the last couple of days before I returned to work today.....I've been playing catch up.
 the cover
 Portsmouth historic dockyard Victorian christmas fayre
  the littlies 'waiting for christmas'
 our annual christmas meal out with friends 
W.I. chistmas evening
with pantomime
I always tuck in a handmade card
 the christmas tree always needs including
this year's new decorations
Now I'm working on christmas least I have a few more photos of that day.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

So what do you do at Christmas?

Well....if you're a 'Frozen' might sing and dance your way through the film

while your dad says it's the worst Disney film ever.....and then is the only one in the room totally engrossed in it!
you might even want to be a princess yourself

or if you're just learning to do everything might spend ages putting your new Disney shoes on and off....even though you're actually feeling pretty poorly

if you're a golden might have great fun spending the whole afternoon trashing all the christmas paper

or you might fancy having a bit of 'photo booth' fun

or 'snapchatting' with friends
and if you've worked a 12 hour might come home....put your dressing gown your presents....and fall asleep on the sofa with man's [or woman's] best friend
and that,of course, is not to mention all the food and drink consumed!!
Hope you all had a wonderful one.