Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Creative Boot Camp 1ish

Creative Boot Camp isn't what I was expecting......even though I didn't really know what to expect!!
I'm afraid the journaling assignments don't 'speak' to me at all.......not just because it is out of my comfort zone........but because it simply doesn't interest me to do..........I don't have any deep thoughts on where I want to go creatively........or what makes you an artist......I don't think that I'm an artist......I think that I'm a crafter.......which doesn't mean you can't be both.......many of the blogs I visit definately have 'an artist in residence'........but I'm happy to be a crafter.
The other daily assignment is a 'random word' to use creatively in the medium of your choice........most participants have chosen photography as their medium........and I can see why this is a good choice........but photography is not my thing........I take photos mainly for 'memories'........not for creativity.
I don't feel my creative mediums [cardmaking and scrapbooking] work well with these prompts.......partly that is because they are not really 'speaking' to me......and partly it's a time element.
Until today that is.......today's random word is 'multilayered'........if you visit my blog you'll know how much I love layers.........though I'm not sure that this is exactly what Maegan had in mind.
The first day's word was 'ivory'......which sort of says 'wedding' to me.......you know....those old ivory wedding dresses.........so here is my version of 'multilayered ivory'
And I'm sorry........but I can't resist some challenges........this is a great digi image [which I don't usually use] from Tiddly Inks [love the slightly goth feel to it] which is exactly what Stamp Something want.........Crazy Challenge want some 'distressing' and Craftalicious want 'new'........newly wed in this case.
I'm not giving up on Boot Camp.......but I am going to pick and choose which prompts I do......which may,of course, defeat the object.......not too sure.


Cherry said...

Jacky - it is really interesting to read your thoughts about the BC and I will watch with interest. I didn't have the time as I'm marking (thought I'd get my head working again!). Just wanted to say how lovely this card is - you do indeed DO layers. That image is a fabby one - def. on the dark side. Good luck with the challenges Cherry XXX

Carolyn Phillips said...

I would have thought the main thing was to make it work for you, even if that means picking and choosing. Today's thoughts and journalling prompt did say that tomorrow would be different and that this was the last of the more introspective prompts, so see what happens.

I will admit to being a bit challenged by the words as well. If I had chosen scrapbooking then I think so far I could have do it ok (apart from a little problem with no way to print the right photos!) but I am using the opportunity to get writing again and it has made me think.

Ivory was also wedding dress for me, and looking at some of the others that seems to have been a common theme.

I love this card and it is so well layered. If I did that it would just look fussy, but this is just right.

Heather said...

I don't think the BootCamp is for me as I don't do much journalling on my scrap pages. When I read on the first day to 'write a letter to yourself' that was it .... I was put off!! I'll be keeping an eye on what everyone else is doing though :-)

Cheri said...

Jacky - love this interpretation of the prompt! I think Boot Camp can be whatever you choose to make of it. You can skip the writing and just do something creative with the prompts if you want - and I've seen all kinds of interpretations of the prompts in the Flikr pool - really just do what you want and make it work for you. If it inspires anything, it is worthwhile - and hey, the price is right!

Cheryl said...

Love the card Jacky what a great interpretation of your prompt. I must admit ivory makes me think of wedding dresses too and cream roses x

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely, lovely, layered card! I think you're feeling what a lot of folks are about the bootcamp - that it's perfectly okay to just pick and choose what works for you. I still can't imagine our poor hostess, who probably thought this was going to be her and a few blog friends and now has a huge group going! Very excting, but probably a little stressful.
I'm enjoying it so far, but definitely fitting in to my other projects that I want to accomplish.
Looking forward to more cards from you.

Amy said...

Jacky I think you've nailed this one! I'm with Rinda - you take from each class what you like - I'm only using the word prompts and not the journaling ones ... maybe not the true spirit of the class but what I can manage and what I want to do!

Kathyk said...

Well, I think I would be a bit with you on the Boot Camp thing Jacky but I think you do exactly right to make it work within your crafting parameters and - looking at the card - this is EXACTLY what you've done and (as a big fan of your layers) I love it!

Sian said...

Well you certainly got there in the end with your layers (and extra marks for combining it with the ivory!) Fantastic.

I'm not really Boot camping either but I'm enjoying seeing what everyone has come up with.

Tracy said...

Don't know anything about boot camps, but I do know your creation is gorgeous, and the image is fab with a great design and papers too.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Elizabeth said...

Jacky, that's exactly how I feel about some of the classes and projects I take on--like the Art Journaling. Some things you don't know if you're going to like it until you try. If I decide I don't like it, then I'm not going to waste my precious time doing it. I do love the layered wedding card you made. Actually, I like all your cards!

Anonymous said...

I think this is true of all the online classes: you take what you can use and what means something to you and let the rest go. I rarely complete all of any class, but I usually get something out of most of them. I, too, am not doing anything with the writing prompts, but I have been thinking about them a lot. And I've really enjoyed some of the "conversations" on people's blogs and especially through the comments--like this set! Your card is lovely and a great way to combine the prompts.

Deb said...

Jacky ~ I think this prompt was right up your alley! I'm always impressed with your ability to layer elements on your projects. This one is particularly lovely!!!

Dot Scrap said...

This is just so amazing. Love all the layers and the image is so beautiful.
Thank you so much for joining us at Stamp Something this week.
Dorte aka dot-scrap.blogspot.com

Denise said...

You have done a brilliant job with the Ivory prompt and the layers.
I'm not really boot camping either but am enjoying seeing what others have interpreted from it x

gina g said...

Gorgeous card and i just love the image. Thank you for joining us a Craftalicious for our first challenge. luv gina xx

Crafteezee said...

Fab image and love the vintage feel to this card. Thanks for joining us on our first challenge at Craftalicious. Hugs Tracy x

shellshearer said...

Oh I love it, the image is just fab (I'm off to buy it lol thanks hun x) I love the gothish feel to it with the lace just fab
Thanks for joining us at 'The Crazy' this week!! good luck

Hugs Shell xx

JanJay said...

Great wedding card, love the "shabby" feel to it

Thanks so much for joining our first challenge at Craftalicious

Jan xx

Moshie said...

What a fun wedding card! Love that image and the vintage look! Thank you for joining our first challenge at Craftalicious.
hugs, Diana