Saturday, 19 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas 11 - christmas decorations

We've always had loads of decorations at christmas......I love them.......many collected over a lot of years........a pretty eclectic collection.....and DD2 loves them........she has taken over as the decorating queen.........everything is displayed 'just so'..........and every nook and cranny is filled.......woe betide any empty won't stay empty for long when DD is on her christmas mission.......just don't expect anywhere to put your coffee cup down........but she definately does a beautiful job.

So my page includes as much of her beautiful 'designing' as possible.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your page - the structure is wonderful!

Cherry said...

That is so lovely Jacky - I hope my daughter will do that eventually - I think we are at the discovering and destroying stage! The page looks great with the bauble embellies. Happy holidaying. Hugs Cherry XXX

Karen said...

It's lovely Jacky, I love all the ornaments out too. And what a brilliant idea to keep a journal on it, I might try that next year. Something lovely to look back on.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh I love this idea!
Your decorations look so very beautiful!
Your page is gorgeous love your paper and pretty detail!
kim x

Katiejane said...

What a lovely idea. You have some great shots there and it looks lovely and festive in your house.
Have a Merry Christmas xx

pinky said...

Your home looks so festive, aren't you lucky to have a daughter who enjoys doing that. My daughter and me work as a team, no help from the men in this house lol. Must post some pics up. I have actually made a little ho ho ho booklet and will post it later. Thanks to your inspiration!

Sian said...

Brilliant! So festive..she has done a fab job and I love your page recording it all. Nice one!

Mayjasper said...

Hi Jacky, I love your layout it really invites the eye to the photos. What an amazing collection of ornaments and decorations. Do you do the outside of your house as well?
Thanks for your comments on my blog, yes I did manage to get all my cards done (bar one) and am now out of the glitter glue wilderness and back in blogland (evidently).
Merry Christmas to you too.
Kind regards

Jane aka Mayjasper

Fiona said...

Gorgeous decorations and another lovely page for your journal.