Sunday, 31 May 2015

Visiting Alcatraz

We visited Alcatraz on our first day in San Francisco......jet lagged and sleep deprived [as the photo proves!!!] was still one of the best things we did all was the first thing DD1 had booked months before we actually traveled......and she and C had to be almost dragged back to the boat at the end of our visit.
It really was totally fascinating.....not to mention extremely bleak.....and the audio tour was learned about the prison from the point of view of guards and prisoners....there really was a lot to see and discover.We all found out loads that we hadn't known before.
Not everyone was impressed......our Russian taxi driver said he had never visited it......"only in America would people pay to get into a prison"!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it when I found the 'captured' flair button in my stash......just perfect.....and the little cork [rusty looking] circles had been sitting waiting for the right pages for ages. 


Becky said...

Two great layouts! I found Alcatraz quite unsetlttling although I really enjoyed our visit and found it fascinating. The girls look as though they are really enjoying their trip :)

Kathyk said...

A fab layout and it looks like you all enjoyed it. When I went to S.F. we just took the boat trip around the island and harbour


Karen said...

That flair is amazing! We went to Alcatraz with our kids almost 20 years ago, and I remember it well. We all found the tour fascinating.

Sian said...

Oh, wow..what wonderful pages to record such a great trip. I have a friend who has been and she says it was the highlight of her trip too. I'd love to see it

Cheri said...

Great page. I've never been. I'm guessing it would totally freak me out.

Barbara Eads said...

Visiting Alcatraz is on my bucket list. When I was last in San Francisco, it was closed. Love your layouts---nice reminder of your trip and what you did there.