Friday, 17 August 2012

The height of Summer

The wonderfully addictive Julie is running a blog series entitled 'The height of Summer'....thinking about things people bloggers.....tall and short......and asking us to join in with her ponderings......her original post is here.
I'm not very tall......but not abnormally short......5ft 3 and a half [the half is very important mind you]......I know plenty of women of a similar height......except in my house I am abnormally DD2 keeps reminding me as she pats me on the head.
DS was even tall at birth........63 cms......though funnily 15 years old he was short.......just 5ft 2ins......his younger sister towered over him......but a year later he was 6ft 2 ins tall.
At her 3 year check up........a rather tactless nurse suggested DD1 was abnormally tall as she was off the centile range for her age..........I silently wondered what she thought I could do about it........a starvation diet perhaps......or something even more drastic......maybe involving an axe????

DD2 followed suit.......and by their late teens both girls were 5ft 10 ins tall......tall......but not abnormally tall......except when they decide to hit the town in 5 inch heels!!
And occasionally.....of course......being small in the house of tall.....has advantages.....I mean there are quite a few jobs that really need to be done by people taller than me......hoovering cobwebs off the ceiling for instance!
So.....are you the tall one......or the short one????? 


Cheri said...

I'm the shortest here. Becca only beats me by 1/2" but Rachel and Sarah by closer to 3". I think I'm over it, but then again, nobody has patted me on the head yet...

Sian said...

Brilliant picture! It's not just me, then..

We had a health visitor tell us TSO was deaf, then when we got that tested and she was fine, she told us she thought she might be blind..I stopped going to the appointments after that

Lauren Hatwell said...

Well at 5'9" I always considered myself quite tall Jackie but as everybody else in my house is now over 6' tall I'm definitely the shorty of the family. Hmph! I have to say, it irks me sometimes but it's jolly useful when you need something lifting off a shelf and No1 Son did recently help me to paint the hallway because I couldn't reach to paint above the picture rails and he can WITHOUT A LADDER!!!!

Jimjams said...

OMG a foot in a year!!! Did DS have stretch marks on his back? My boys both did - I was really worried when my eldest had these purpley-red stripes ... I couldn't imagine what fiht he'd been in. All faded away to nothing now thank goodness!

Beverly said...

ahhh that cartoon is exactly what I need my doctor to tell me! A bit on the tall side esp when I see what the average height for a woman is :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think, once everything shakes out, I will end up being about 1/2" taller than Clara. Henry passed me up last year, and Paul towers over all of us.
I really want to do a Height of Summer post. I just need to get around to it.

Amy said...

I'm a bit like Lauren, I am 5'10" but am the shortest in my family ... and, what is worse, TNYO will overtake me sooner than I had imagined!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Jacky....Love your pics today with your beautiful girls!...I am quite tall 5'8" and my daughters are taller than me (my youngest is almost 6' and she was outside the centile range too not surprisingly!)Everyone seems to be growing much taller these days, don't they?...with much larger feet too!
Susan x

Julie Kirk said...

Love it! Even though we're both smaller than you - at least my sister and I are taller than our Mum!

Great cartoon too!

You're all pinned now

Thanks so much for joining in!

Julie :-)

p.s: loving the idea that I might be addictive!

Gem's Crafts said...

I'd be the short one, both my brother and sister are taller than me, and I think even Alissia is going to be tall, because at 6 months old she's in 9-12 month clothes because she is so long!

Ginger said...

I enjoyed this post Jacky! I would be like your daughters with my mom, patting her head :)