Thursday, 19 July 2012

School's oooout for summer!!!

Sussex schools finish for the summer break tomorrow......and my last course has now more courses to tutor til mid 8 week break.......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
BUT........I'm the world's worst procastinator........not to mention time it would be easy for the weeks to pass......and have nothing to show for them......apart from a pile of read books!!!
So I thought I'd make a list of things to try and keep me on track during the summer.
1.  try out a new recipe each week
2.  read a book a week
3.  take cutting from garden plants and plant out all the plants that are ready
4.  start making xmas cards
5.  revisit Shimelle's 'cover to cover' course and begin sorting all my 'loose' scrapbook pages into chronological albums
6.  make at least two scrapbook page a week....which may go in tandem with the above albums
7.  sew a conservatory cushion
8.  finish and hang conservatory bunting
9.  make a patchwork bag
10. sort out attic [OH may be recruited for this one as well] and have a space at 2 boot sales to sell hoarded [and unused] stuff
11. sort out bedroom cupboards and draws.....more stuff for the boot sales
12. sort out garden shed [as above]
13. spend one week overseas [hopefully in the sun]
14. make a display board for the mail art that I've received
15. spend time on the beach....maybe with aforementioned books!
16. learn to use new camera properly....get out of auto!
17. take part in Creative Classroom's 'All about Christmas' online class
Phew.......that looks a mighty long list to me......and I'm pretty sure there's more that could be added.......maybe now it's in the public domain I may be forced into acting on it!!!!!!


Jane said...

wow, you are going to be busy!!

Kathyk said...

That IS a long list - don't forget to add an important project ..... to have some fun!


Sian said...

It looks like a fun list too..plenty of things on there I'd be happy to join in with! Have a wonderful holiday

Amy said...

It all sounds pretty good to me ... particularly the eight weeks on holiday part!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you finish everything on your list including the holiday.

Denise said...

Woo hoo - busy busy- and have a wonderful holiday :-)

Karen said...

I'd say that was a very ambitious list! I hope you take some time to just relax and have fun!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Wow, Jacky, that is quite a list! When are you going to relax and just do nothing? LOL

Would love to have you over for a visit in my backyard - you would love the sunflowers I have happening back there. :o)

Enjoy your vacation time!!!

Abi said...

That is some list Jacky but I know what you mean. Once its out on the web, I always feel accountable! Lots of fun projects on there- can't wait to see them!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That's quite a list! I agree with Abi - it's nice how lists can keep me accountable (especially on those things that don't HAVE to get done).

Jo.C said...

That's a great idea but I have lived by lists for the past few months so will not be joining you. Think my summer sounds like the first one you described :0)
One more get up!!!

Alison said...

You're going to have a busy summer Jacky...I am quite exhausted just reading it!!
Alison xx

Karen said...

You are making me miss the summer hols - this is the first year for the past 12 that I haven't had 6 weeks off :0(

Ginger said...

I think it's great to have a list and this one looks fun - well except maybe the part about the attic!

Cheri said...

Even with an eight week holiday (sooooo jealous!) that sounds like a very ambitious list! Now for some prioritizing and time planning...

Alana said...

We broke up today too, so ready for it. Yes! a list is what I need. I have so many craft ideas and house chores I save up for the holidays that it all gets a bit daunting. Good idea:)

furrypig said...

what a great list a combination of relaxing, crafting and sorting. I think I may beat you as the world's biggest procrastinator! I hope you have a fab summer xxx