Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's Party Time.....International Pot Luck Recipe Blog Hop

Welcome to the 'International Pot Luck Recipe Blog Hop'......there's a virtual party going on......hosted by the divine Deb...... and you're invited!!
Come right in and help yourself to starters........main courses.......sides.....and desserts.......from across the globe......and don't forget to pour yourself a cocktail or two.
And with a kitchen that at present has no water,sink or's nothing short of miraculous that I've managed to provide this main course for the of our family favourites.......tuna quiche.......perfect for a party,picnic or family dinner.
Tuna Quiche Recipe
7oz [200g] can of tuna
2oz [50g] sweetcorn
bunch of spring onions [optional]
3 tbsp mayonnaise [I use Hellmann's Light]
2 eggs
5fl oz [150 mls] milk [or half milk/half single cream]
grated cheese
pastry to line a flan tin

Line flan tin with pastry and bake blind for about 10 mins at 400F.....200C....gas 6

  • Drain tuna and flake into bowl.
  • Add sweetcorn,chopped spring onions and mayonnaise.
  • Beat eggs with milk/cream and season with salt/pepper.
  • Add to tuna mixture.
  • Tip carefully into pastry case
  • Sprinkle grated cheese on top

Bake in oven for approximately 30 minutes until set and golden brown.......add to all the other party food and enjoy.
To find all the other recipes you'll need to hop around the place to visit for a delicious recipe is Deb's World.......and if you have too many cocktails and get lost.....just pop over to our delightful party host Deb at paperturtle.
Enjoy the party


Angelfish said...

I love a good quiche Jacky and this one looks delicious, as well as being a little bit different.
Fiona xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Jacky ~

I LOVE the photo of you welcoming us to your leg of the blog hop! And the recipe you shared looks delicious. Doug and I love quiche, and it just so happens that I have a quiche pan exactly like the one in the photo so it is destined to happen.

Well done baking that yummy dishs with your kitchen in such a jumble. You really are an amazing woman!!! ;o)

{Thanks for "coming" to my party, Jacky!!!}

Beverly said...

I love tuna but would have never thought of putting it in a quiche!! Sounds like a perfect spring dish to me alongside a salad and some fruit and quite possibly that drink you are holding ;) You are looking glorious!

Cheri said...

forget the quiche - I'll have one of whatever you are drinking! It looks so pretty!

Ruth said...

Great photo of you and fab party!

Jo.C said...

You been helping yourself to all of those margaritas and limoncellos too - Great Photo :0)
Lovely quiche - great job

beccaf1970 said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll be giving this a try this summer! Your drink looks delicious too!!

Kathyk said...

Quiche and cocktails? Sounds like you're having a ball - thanks for the recipe too.

Happy Saturday


Ginger said...

Hiya Jacky! You are very talented to have whipped this up in your kitchen! I'm so happy you were still able to have us all over, what with those renos and everything ;) I do love a good quiche although have never actually made one. Your recipe appears easy so I think I could manage this one!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Love the picture of you with your drink! I'm almost glad this isn't a real party because I'd be super drunk by now! haha Thanks for joining in the party! :)

Jane said...

I love anything with tuna, so another recipe to put on my menu!

Sian said...

Now, this looks delicious - tuna and quiche? Two of our favourite things. Your partying ability given the kitchen situation is much to be admired Jacky (as is that lovely picture of you. It's a great one)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love tuna and corn together! It's a pretty common combination in the Mexican community around here, but I wouldn't have thought about putting it into quiche. And I love, love, love that welcome picture! Happy Blog Hop!

furrypig said...

well done on cooking in your kitchen yummy looking quiche tho I actually fancy your drink more at the moment lol!

Karen said...

What a lovely recipe - something the boys (David and Josh) would love. I can see this beng on their menu very soon.

debs14 said...

Every party needs a lovely quiche and this one looks wonderful. I think this is something that my son would absolutely love, I must give it go sometime soon.

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Your quiche looks delicious Jacky...this is definitely going to be one for my recipe book,
Susan x
P.S Your kitchen is looking fab and I love your happy pic!

Alison said...

This sounds right up my street Jacky! Love the 'Welcome' pic too!!
Alison xx

Karen said...

We love quiche, but I've never seen one for tuna (which we also like), so this is definitely going on the "to try" list. Love your photo!

Amy said...

I am so glad someone made a quiche today, we eat it a lot and I'm always on the look out for new variations! My MIL makes a tuna one, but adds asparagus to hers.

Well done for whipping this up under very trying domestic circumstances - you are an absolute marvel!

Chris said...

Great recipe Jacky and I love any food that involves tuna :). Great photo of you on holiday too. Hugs, Chris x

Margi said...

Awesome recipe Jacky! I can't wait to try it!

Rhona said...

I've not had a tuna quiche before and I can see this is a recipe I'll have to try. I think you've done a great job, considering the state of your kitchen, and I must say you're looking quite relaxed about it all - perhaps that drink is helping :) xx

Margaret said...

You had me at tuna!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe! :) Thank you also for the sweet comments on Kane! Puppy love! <3
Have a great weekend!