Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Blog Awards

Some lovely ladies have given me blog awards over the past few weeks.......so thanks very much to Dora, Sally, Kathy, Denise, Jo, Abi, Rachel....I really do hope I haven't forgotten anyone!!! Apologies for taking so long to blog them!!

I love getting awards......but am always thrown into a panic by the 'thingies' that go with them!! One of these awards wants some interesting facts about yourself....are there any that will interest you......probably not......but I did have an idea.....I've done a lot of travel posts recently.....I love traveling.....but hate transport....so here's some transport facts.
  1. I love my little KA.....but hate driving. I only drive on motorways if I absolutely have to......and won't drive in big cities unless accompanied by an appropriate adult!!
  2. I hate coaches.....I always feel sick traveling in them...and avoid whenever possible.....which wasn't possible on our recent holiday.
  3. Most of all I hate flying.....this may be due to once being in a plane that had to make a crash landing.....foam on the runway....fire engines standing by.....the whole package. Friends have suggested copious amounts of alcohol before flying might help......I just think I'd be sick as well as scared!!!!!
  4. I don't mind boats.....well, ships......very large ships......cross channel ferries just aren't big enough....never mind stable enough......thank goodness for the Channel Tunnel. But when you're on a cruise......drifting thousands of miles from anywhere....in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean......at night........with only emergency power......with an engine leaking diesel.......that isn't very good for your piece of mind either!!
  5. I like trains best....usually something to look at through the window......can read comfortably....and get to your destination fairly quickly.......though I never sit in the front 2 carriages......wouldn't want to tempt fate!! And I love the London Underground system.....a foolproof way of getting from A to B.......in the quickest possible time......with a map so genius that it is still regarded as one of the best pieces of graphic design ever produced.
And just because I'm paranoid........doesn't mean it's not going to happen!!!!
Now I'm meant to pass these awards on......but as they are doing the rounds at the moment.....I've noticed most of you have them already......if you haven't had one.....please do just take it!!!!
Edited-I do actually still fly.....I'm just a nervous wreck!!


Deb said...

Well deserved awards, Jacky, and well done on combining them all for this post!

I'm always a little nervous about flying myself, but I think I'd be like you and never get in another one if I'd been through your experience! Yikes!!! Although, your odds are probably better now... ;o)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Sounds to me like you've suffered for your travels Jackie. I'm not surprised you're nervous after all that. Good for you for fighting the fear though. Lx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Sounds to me like you've suffered for your travels Jackie. I'm not surprised you're nervous after all that. Good for you for fighting the fear though. Lx

humel said...

Congratulations, Jacky :-) And I loved reading your facts - though I did go cold when I read about your crash landing! I'd never board a plane again either if that happened to me....

Kathyk said...

Hmm, think I might be a tad more nervous about air travel after that too. Congratulations on your awards Jacky


Sian said...

Cor, maybe that cruise wasn't quite as relaxing as all that after all! Funny, I love the big cruise ship - but I wouldn't go on the Channel Tunnel if you paid me :)

Well deserved awards Jacky - this is always a lovely place to come.

debs14 said...

Oh good grief, the bit about the cruise liner scared me the most (don't like to be out of my depth in water!) I can understand your feelings re flying after that experience but I do hope it won't put you off forever. I've been through the channel tunnel a few times now and it's a great experience but then they had that break down and people were in there for hours and it's not quite so appealing now! However, we did discover the champagne bar at St Pancras which is right near the terminal last time so maybe I'll have to pop back in there before I get on the Eurostar next time ;-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my - DH also hates flying (he had a similar emergency landing experience). He takes prescription "happy pills" whenever we take cross-world trips. I love, love, love trains. Am beginning to think about a train trip next summer to Portland and Seattle, as DS Henry is expressing interest in colleges there.