Thursday, 25 March 2010

Using up the sticker alphabets

The latest prompt in 'Something from [almost] Nothing' is dig out your sticker stash.......I actually have very few stickers.......apart, of course, for the pile of alpha stickers.....mostly part come there is never enough of the letters you actually want!!!
I've only one photo of DS's 4th birthday.....we were 'inbetween' homes......and it's a pretty awful photo at decided to use up a lot of mixed alpha stickers on this page.
He loved Thomas the Tank Engine!!
I bought the 'Nonsense' paper pad ages ago.....I loved the look of it......but actually have found it very difficult to use.....but I think it works on this page......with lots of alphas.......and lots of number 4s as well.
And what is it with come the manufacturers haven't realized that for the first 10 years of this century we needed lots of zeros????
Any of Shimelle's students want to bet on what the last 2 prompts will be........I'm reckoning beads and buttons.......oh....or maybe flowers.......or maybe chipboard.......what do you think???


Deb said...

VERY cute layout, Jacky. :o) I love the mixture of the letters...and I'm with you on the number thing. But, since I don't use many stickers anyway, I guess it's no big deal.

As far as Shimelle's last prompts (are there really only 2?!?!) I'm guessing buttons and chipboard. Any maybe that's wishful thinking on my part because even if they aren't prompts I'm going to do a couple extra pages for my book anyway. ;o)

Cheri said...

great job Jacky! I haven't had the heart to attempt this prompt yet. My earliest pages were victim to "sticker sneeze" and I'm not sure how to use lots without being painfully reminded of past overuse.

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Very cute LO Jacky! I think that your alpha stickers look fab with the paper!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job! I'm really thinking about doing an alpha page as well.
By the way, I received my prize package today - I love the cards! Especially the orange & green summery one! And my mind reels at the possibility of what to do with the rusty stars! So perfect for me.
Thanks for my happy mail!

Elizabeth said...

When I used to do traditional scrapping, I liked to use different alphabets to make up the words. I think yours turned out particularly good. Besides, it is a way to use them up.

miscanthuscrafts said...

such a great way to use up all those odd letters. love it! ClareX

Sian said...

Oh, wow! How many years ago was that? We had a Thomas fanatic here about 12 years ago..brings it all back :)

I'm going for buttons and flowers, I think because Shimelle does like her flowers. Unless that means she doesn't want to use them up of course..

Fiona said...

what a lovely colourful LO.

Anesha said...

Lovely layout,lovely bright colours. Anesha

Kim Piggott said...

Such a gorgeous layout Jackie!
Love your fabulous paper and great detail!
kim x

humel said...

Great layout :-) Well done using up all those stickers! And I'm so with you on the '0's - just like there are never enough 'e's on an alpha sheet!!

I'm thinking buttons are extremely likely for one of the last prompts; Shimelle mentioned storage ideas, which I'm hoping will be a bonus prompt? I also wondered if she might challenge us to use stamps in new ways, but that's not really 'using up' stash, just 'using' it!

Aren't there 10 prompts in total though? Which means 3 or maybe 4 more (because one of the ones so far was class inspiration rather than a 'proper' prompt)? Or have I misread something?

Amy said...

We are still in Thomas mode here .... glad to see it ends! When either of them are sick it gets played on a high rotation and I think I've dreamt the music theme some nights!

Buttons or flowers certainly and I too think there might be some reference to stamping along the way .... let's wait and see :-)

Tracy said...

Mmmm Alphabet stickers and chipboard ones, I've got 'em but rarely use them. Fabulous layout Jacky, and great use of stickers, maybe i'll save mine for when I get the scrapbooking out again.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Susie Sugar said...

Fab LO and i love that paper
I know what you mean about alpha stickers there's never enough of what you want/need is there
Hugs Susie x

Cheryl said...

Fab LO Jacky love your use of the stickers. Alpha stickers are a nightmare because I start a LO and think I have all the letters then go to stick them on and find I am missing that essential E lol xx

freckleface said...

wow this is gorgeous everything :-)Debs x

Sarpreet said...

so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Well, you were right about the Flowers! I think buttons will feature.. and I'm hoping for acetate or lace cardstock or patterned paper with huge patterns on!

LOVE your canvas flowery wall-hanging I just spotted in the forum. Stunning!!!