Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mojo Monday meets Forever Friends at Christmas

A lovely sketch on Mojo Monday this week......decided to us an A6 card for a change as this lovely stamp is quite a small one......and Forever Friends want some stitching. Image has been watercoloured and stickled.........DCWV card.........various xmas papers from my oddments box........glittery stars and snowballs are Anita's peel offs [horror,horror!!] and are much more glittery than they look in photo......and the sentiment is from a chipboard set 99p in my local discount shop. My stash of crimbo cards is getting quite large now......have never done so many before November before!!

Another lovely day here....can't believe we've had a whole week of sun.......and having spent the morning digging and weeding,now we're off to some friends for a bbq.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Spyder said...

Love Penny Black, this is a lovely Christmassssy card!! Love the colours

Jane said...

You are doing well with the christmas cards! times is flying by I need to make a start!

pinky said...

I love this one Jacky, very cute and a bit of a vintage feel to it. Love the papers. You are certainly enjoying the barbeques, we are still waiting on it staying dry long enough. The dust has finally settled here so now clean up and decorating. Off to Dublin on Thursday for a few days.

Wendy said...

Great Christmas card thanks for joining the FF challenge this week
Wendy x

Jane said...

Just catching up with blog hopping, lovely cards, particularly like this one, love the image.

There is a little something for you on my blog.

Jane :0)

SallyB said...

Hiya Jacky... You are way ahead of me on the Christmas card stakes.
This is lovely..very nicely organised and that sentiment is a great find!
You must be having better weather than us..It is very muggy and grey here, certainly not summer!!!

SallyB said...

hi Jacky...I have a Circle of Friends Award on my blog for you...hop on over and check it out!!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Fantastic christmas card

thanks so much for joining us this week at FF

Emma xxx

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