Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Teenage Attitude scrapbook page

Do you recognise the pose?? You probably do if you've got a teenage girl!!

DD1 had very little teenage attitude.... DD2 is definately making up for it..... as she has it by the bucketful.

I love this photo as it seems to sum her up at that point in her life...just had to scrap it....perhaps I should give it to her on the birth of her first child as a dire warning!!!!

I think the papers are Doodlebug and the wording at the top was cut out of funky foam with a Sizzix alphabet.


SallyB said... are making me worried now that I have all this to come.
She is very pretty even with the scowl! Tell her that from me.

Love to Doodle! said...

Mmmm - I have all this to come too but see little glimmers of it now - age 5.....eeeek....although one look from Mummmy and I get a 'sorry' straight away (long may it last my mummy look power - lol)....but yes, you must remind her of this once she realises that nothing is worth worrying over and moods are a waste of valuable life. xx

Julie said...

I know that look well. Luckily, my daughter's now 18 and has got through it (almost).
A lovely page Jacky.
Julie x

sharon said...

love the colour choices Jacky..oh yes..I remember pulling that pose!...lovely pic.x