Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rant of the Day!!

3 weeks ago, Vodaphone 'took' £2oo from DD1's meagre bank account for a phone she had never has taken her 2 weeks....3 phone calls to 0870 numbers for 2 hours in total....for them to admit it was their mistake and they will refund the money in another TWO WEEKS...the first 2 people she spoke to had logged the calls but taken no further action....both had said they would ring one ever did...and no sign whatsoever of an think direct debits are safer...maybe not with mobile phone companies.
Oh...and despite the fact they're a phone company....they don't have a complaints dept. you can speak to on the have to email them!!! grrrrrrrrrr.


Steph said...

I completely sympathise & empathise - Grrrrrr!!!!

Janpear said...

I used to work for Telewest complaints department (I know, don't hate me lol) but we had to register every complaint no matter what as we were ofcom regulated which Vodafone will be too, if your DD gets nowhere with them directly and her refund isnt back in the time they said she should go to ofcom. She should also request refunds of the calls she has had to make to sort it out or any bank charges if occured as it is no way her fault at all. Grr I don't even do it anymore but I still get mad at bad customer service!!!!