Tuesday, 2 December 2008

What does Advent mean to you???!!!

Daughter no. 2 [age 19] said to me 'Am I having an advent calendar this year?' My reply 'Don't you think you're too old for an advent calendar'. Her reply 'You're never too old for chocolate'!!!!
I think that just about says it all!!! Now I know I'm a dinosaur,but I remember when we had brightly coloured,glittery cardboard calendars and got excited about opening the doors to a beautiful picture each day and on the 24th there was always a double door with a nativity behind it. Now you can't even see the picture through the plastic and do you really want to see Bart Simpson anyway? It really is just about chocolate these days. BUT she is right about one thing- you definately are never too old for chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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