Monday, 1 December 2008

It begins..........

I love looking at other scrapbookers blogs and have kept thinking of doing one myself,though I'm not really sure I've anything interesting enough to say or show!!!!!!
I'll even have to learn how to upload photos-or maybe I better take some photos of my scrapbook pages first,I take photos of everything else!
After looking at Shimelle Laines site,I decided to treat myself to her online 'journal your xmas' class [funded by my meagre ebay profits] and that has given me the incentive to give it a go as everybody else taking the class seems to have a blog and we can look at each others pages.I'm so excited about the class,it's a fantastic idea and it all starts here goes...........and if you never hear from me again you'll know I just can't grasp it!!!!!!!!!!!

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