Monday, 29 December 2008

Journal your Xmas

After a morning 'doing' the sales,have had an afternoon quietly scrapbooking....picked the pages I wanted to do....partly based on which photos I had ready.

Page 17 was 'the perfect gift' which I was finding difficult until I looked at the photos of Stella and Chester in their xmas bow ties [found in a xmas shop in Maidstone for £1] and they look just perfect [which they certainly aren't!!] and I'm not sure they thought they were the perfect gift either....probably prefered the rawhide bones....but that's gratitude for you!!!

Xmas Eve is a real 'rush around and chase your tail' day for no photos,just a brief description.

Xmas Day was a lovely family day and so I decided to just use photos depicting the 2 main themes....presents and food!!!!

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