Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Journal Your Xmas

Yesterday's prompt was on traditions-we have quite a few xmas traditions in our family,but I decided to base the page on our 'shortbread making'.Shimelle suggested hiding the journaling so mine is under the photo.
It says 'A xmas tradition that has carried over from my childhood is making shortbread biscuits a couple of days before xmas and decorating them on xmas eve.Danny then added making gingerbread.One year he saw a recipe for a 3D gingerbread tree in a magazine.He made it entirely himself [though he certainly didn't do all the cleaning up himself!].The tree was brilliant and the photo shows how proud of it he was.He did decide it was too much work to repeat.Now we are back to just making the shortbread.'

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lorna said...

wow i can see why he was proud of his tree, brilliant.