Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Chocolate Truffles

Hands up if you like truffles-I love them.Today we've been making edible xmas gifts on the 'get ready for xmas' course that I'm teaching. There's dozens of truffle recipes,but I've found the simplest,most brilliant ever.They taste as good as any expensive brand and are so easy to make.

Recipe- 225 grms chocolate [70% is best]
4 tbls condensed milk
Melt choc in microwave
Add condensed milk and mix together
Allow to cool a little
Roll into balls

And that's it-BUT..... the real secret is to use a good quality flavoured choc for half the choc.Tesco are selling Lindt at 2 [100 grm bars] for £2 at the moment.We used one bar Lindt orange and one bar Tesco discounter 70% choc and the flavour was to die for.The orange choc even has crunchy bits in it........yum..............they're very rich,so you only need to eat a couple [trust me....you are hearing this from someone who can eat a whole box of praline seashells!!!].They would make a great gift or just to pig out on at xmas. Try making some...you won't regret it...even if your waist does!!!

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lorna said...

oh wow sounds yummy, might just have to try them.