Monday, 1 December 2014

A Victorian Christmas

We took a day out on Saturday to go to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard's Victorian Christmas Fayre......with temperatures of around 60 degrees it didn't feel very christmasy.....but was still great fun
 carol singers complete with 'snow'
a display of Victorian bikes
lots of stalls selling all manner of things......most of them too crowded to photograph.....we 'tasted' a variety of goodies......and we bought a few christmas treats....cheeses, chutney, fudge
we spent ages onboard HMS Victory and found it fascinating
 the officers' quarters were very different to the sailors'
the sick bay wouldn't have done a lot to prevent infections spreading......and I wasn't too keen on the sharp knives in evidence either!!
the boat had cannons wonder they sank so easily if holed
during battle each cannon had 6 men working it and were ready to re-fire in 2 minutes.
and the Dockyard is so near Gunwharf Quays Outlet would have been rude not to take a wander there.....a few more christmas presents bought....and a treat for me from L'Occitane......I do love their products when they are at an affordable price.
It feels like our Christmas has really started now.


Sian said...

Oh wow..these photos give such a great flavour of the Victorian Market. Now I'm even more sorry that we didn't make it to the one round here on Saturday ( no interesting ships at ours, though)

Karen said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! It looks like so much fun.

Ruth said...

Somehow carol singers dressed up in Victorian dress seems much more acceptable!

Abi said...

This looks so lovely. I really like that photo of the two men admiring their penny farthings!

Sandra said...

Looks like a fabulous day. Shame it was really snowing lol

alexa said...

Splendid photos, which have let me share a lttle in something I am unlikely to get to .. I am fascinated by that hanging canvas bed :).

K said...

Looks fascinating, & what a fab photo of the carollers

Cheri said...

Love the Victorian costumes! And the photos from the ship make me think of the "Outlander" series I've been reading... and what it was like to cross the ocean from Europe to America in a boat.... ick!

Melissa said...

Looks like it was a wonderful outing!