Sunday, 2 November 2014

It's November in the garden....really?

Suddenly we're in creeps up on us every year.......but what's more surprising this year is that on November 1st we were putting the garden 'to bed' for the winter wearing t shirts and shorts in 23 degrees.....and apparently it was the hottest Halloween on record!!
The garden is not a winter garden....because I'm not a winter gardener....and now is starting to look tired and bedraggled.....but some plants just won't let go while the weather is so warm.
 the verbena bonariensis just keep on flowering
 these Californian poppies should be over by now
 the geraniums are hanging on to their last few flowers
this pink rose has new flowers every day....though we weren't originally impressed with it as we bought it as a mauve rose!!
the sunset rose has been flowering since May.....and should carry on til the first frosts.....last year it flowered for 7 months
 the little maple is changing colour and starting to shed its leaves
 one shrub just coming into flower....not sure of its name....may be a skimmia
 the flowers of the large hydrangea still look lovely as they dry and die
and even this sun lover is still sending up its flowers


Fiona Kennedy said...

The weather has been a bit strange for the garden this year

Mad about Craft said...

The weather has felt really odd this October!

Sandra said...

I'm not a winter gardener either. I must say your garden still looks lovely, and I do have a fondness for dried hydrangeas

Sandie said...

How lovely to see you garden still so full of flowers Jacky.

Barbara Eads said...

I know what you mean---I think the flowers are confused as to what they are supposed to be doing. I have a few things that are blooming and a few that haven't bloomed in months---now blooming. Still, I'm "over it" by this time of year!

Kathyk said...

Your garden looks glorious, Jacky, splendid pix too

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, in the SUNSHINE STATE ... we're in long pants and sweaters!!! What IS going on with this freaky weather?


Jane said...

It certainly has been lovely, today is miserable though!

Sian said...

warmest Halloween on record, they say. What a good idea to record how it has affected the garden. You still have some lovely flowers there

Lynne in NI said...

Your garden looks fab Jacky. Great to see the flowers still blooming ... unfortunately my weeds are still going strong too ;)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Your garden still has so much yummy color, Jacky! I know you saw my sunflower photo on Facebook - that's my fall crop. It's interesting to see that you have poppies blooming - ours are only present in March and April. Fun look around your garden!!! :o)

Karen said...

Your garden is so beautiful. I'm planning on cleaning mine out tomorrow, but there's nothing beautiful left in it. I'd post some photos, but it would just be depressing.

Melissa said...

Wow - your garden is still so beautiful! We had a nice weekend, too, but over the week our temperatures have started dropping some.