Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotney Castle

During the summer OH and I had a day out at Scotney Castle....which isn't actually a castle at all....but a stately home built in the 18oos to replace the original castle [which wasn't really a castle either!!]
For the Bloggers weekend I made up some kits for getting a variety of pages made......including making a double spread of this day out.....and was also lucky enough to have access to other bloggers' unwanted stash.
We weren't allowed to take photos indoors......but what was interesting inside was that the Hussey family had done a lot of modernising in the there was a fascinating amalgamation of Victorian and 50s the 50s TV sitting in a Victorian drawing room! 
Scotney Castle has the most wonderful gardens......and being set on a get all sorts of interesting views.
The original castle was actually a fortified house as it was designed with a tower in each corner to defend it......only one tower remains.....and it is possible that only one tower was ever built.

The new house wasn't built because the old one was falling down....but because the family felt it was old fashioned and difficult to maintain....and wanted something more modern.....having built the new house they then purposefully 'ruined' the old one as an attractive 'folly' in the garden!!

The old castle still contains original latrines [emptying into the moat]....unused these days,I would add.....a priest's hidey hole....and great views through the old and blurry windows.
The second LO shows the 'new' house......the old 'castle'....and the ice house.
I'd never seen an ice house before [you learn something new everyday!]......and this was a very effective the winter frozen ice from the moat would be put inside.....and the building was so well insulated that it would stay frozen until the following winter....allowing them to safely keep food cold throughout the year....pretty cool I think!!!
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day out.


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I loved seeing your photos, Jacky! As you can imagine, those scenes are so very different from anything I see close to where I live! Really nice layouts too. :o)

Karen said...

Fascinating story! And your photos are wonderful!

Julene Matthews said...

A fabulous double Jacky. Your colours suit the theme so well!!

debby4000 said...

Those papers suit those photos perfectly, fab double layout.

Louise said...

ooh you've showcased your lovely photos perfectly. I've never seen an ice house either!

Sandra said...

How interesting, I've never even heard of a ice house. You certainly go to some interesting places :)

Sheena said...

great set of photos from your visit x
I'd heard of ice houses but never seen one before, it's not what I expected :)

Lynne in NI said...

Great pics Jackie, your colour theme matches perfectly!

alexa said...

That's a very nice page - your colours really show off those lovely photos. How amazing to be able to rebuild and then 'ruin' your old house just for the look of it! I will put this place, thanks to you, on my list of interesting buildings to visit!