Friday, 14 March 2014

London part 1- On the canal

We had a couple of days in London to celebrate OH's birthday and decided to stay in Little Venice as we'd never been on the Regents Canal.
We found a very nice hotel with a last minute deal.....only a few minutes walk from the canal.
We couldn't have chosen a better weekend as the weather was glorious.
 We decided to catch the waterbus along to Camden and visit the market.
We passed under bridges
alongside houseboats
through one very dark tunnel
by amazingly grand houses

through London Zoo
 near houses with gardens on the water's edge
a Chinese restaurant
 before arriving at Camden
right in the heart of the market
The trip took 45 minutes to travel about 3 miles!! We really enjoyed it though....and were ready to hit Camden Market.


Cheri said...

Sounds like a very peaceful enjoyable ride.

Sian said...

I always forget that London has canal boats to see - I'd love to do this, and to visit Camden Market too. Great photos

Kathyk said...

Looks like a lovely trip on a nice day - must try this myself some time!


Sheena said...

wow x
I'd love to take this trip.
Need to add it to my to-do list :)

furrypig said...

I used to live near there and often went to Camden Market but never did the canal boat ride! Looks fab!

Ruth said...

The canal is a great morning out and lucky you with the weather!

Barbara Eads said...

I had no idea about the canal boats. One more reason I need to go back!

Lynne in NI said...

Great pics, look at that gorgeous blue sky! I'd love to visit London :)

Karen said...

It's been a very long time since I was in London, but absolutely none of these beautiful photos showed anything that looked familiar to me. I'd love to talk that walk, though.

debs14 said...

You certainly were lucky with the weather! What a lovely way to see a different side of London.

Helen Philipps said...

What a lovely trip, and gorgeous sunny pictures! We stayed near Little Venice a few years ago and were fascinated by the house boats and the little gardens some of them had! Loved seeing those huge grand houses too. Your photos capture the atmosphere so well.
Helen xox

Becky said...

Wonderful photos! I haven't been to Camden Market for about 7 years!