Monday, 29 July 2013

This week

This week.....
Our bathroom renovation will be completed.....hopefully today......then I can start adding the fun touches.....and the [not so fun] cleaning the layers of dust that have settled everywhere!!
I'm going to my friend G's 'Strawberry Tea' to raise funds for breast cancer research.....hopefully it will be as successful as it was last year [and the weather as good].
I need to start sorting out my craft area which has got too disorganised [even for me]!
I need to scrap my Pirate Day photos........and carry on completing my 2012 holiday album.....and maybe get back to some cardmaking.
I'll be picking peas, carrots, lettuce, courgettes, blueberries and blackcurrants from the garden......and potting on a lot of small plants.....and if the weather is anything last last week.......crazily watering it all.
I need to try and capture some Scavenger Hunt photos.......I'm so behind with it this year.

I'm hoping to go swimming as it is apparently good for my [still] extremely bad knee.
Have a good week.


Barbara Eads said...

Sounds like you have a lot to do over the next week. At least most of it will be fun! I don't envy you the clean up---I know what a mess home improvements can be!

Alison said...

Hope the knee improves, Jacky...enjoy your busy week!
Alison xx

Karen said...

So sorry to hear the knee is still in bad shape. That makes all the other activities on your (very busy) schedule much more difficult. We're just beginning to see a few vegetables from our garden which is suffering this year from too much rain.

furrypig said...

Oooh you have some major plans Jacky! I think your craft space looks great mine is horrendous! I wish someone would come and organise it all for me as I have large piles of 12x12 papers needing to be sorted and stored and I hate throwing stuff away in case I need it sometime in the future! Sorry to hear your knee is still giving you trouble, fingers crossed the swimming helps. Lucky you having all that garden produce! Looking forward to the pirate photos, loving the new bathroom, I need to start scavenger hunting as well.... oh yes enjoy your strawberry tea xxx

Cheri said...

Sounds like a busy week ahead Jacky! Home improvements are always miserable while you are going through them, but so worth it in the end!

Sian said...

Hi Jacky! It's good to be back and having a good old browse through what you have been up to. I'm very sorry to hear about your knee..hope you get a bit of relief from it soon, I really do.

I love that sage and sepia colour combination. It's a real; favourite of mine!

Kathyk said...

Sorry to hear your knee is no better, Jacky. Your bathroom's looking gr8 however and good luck with your scrap projects and re-organisation too!


Sue Bridesmith said...

Sorry to hear that your knee is no better, and that strawberry tea sounds scrummie..
Suzy B :)

debs14 said...

A busy week ahead for you!
Hope the knee improves with a bit of gentle exercise .
Enjoy your strawberry tea!

Denise said...

Busy and exciting times for you - hope your knee doiesn't cause too much trouble and I will keep everything crossed for the weather for your strawberry tea x

Cherry said...

Busy life, Jacky. Loving the bathroom so far enjoy the fun bits now. Tea looks fab as does the pirate day. I feel the pain of disorganised crafting space. Hope your knee gets better with the swimming. Happy scraping as we like looking at the pages.
Have a happy week. Hugs Cherry X

Amy said...

That's not good about the knee - I have heard that regular exercise is very helpful for arthritic conditions so the swimming might just be the key to help with pain relief ... here's hoping!

How exciting to have a new bathroom - the plaster dust and tiling grout is a pain though .. I understand that element very clearly.

Fiona said...

Hope your knee improves.

Maria Ontiveros said...

That's a lot on your plate my friend! I hope that knee gets better and lets you out and about to enjoy life.
No stress on the scavenger hunt. There's still almost two months left! And I do think it's a bit easier this year. I'm off to shoot windmills today I think.

Beverly said...

Ohhhh I feel your pain with the knees, hope they are better soon. You are just checking those renovations off :) My studio looks better but still very unorganized. May we both make headway on that project!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Sorry to hear that you are still dealing with a sore knee! No fun!!! You have a busy life right now, shame that there's a sore knee in the mix of it all.

Good luck with your bathroom renovation! It will be worth it once it is complete.