Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who'd have guessed?

that here in the South East we'd have had two consecutive Bank Holidays with wall-to-wall sunshine......almost unheard of.....and even more amazing considering the awful weather we've had in the 3 weeks between the two!!
It meant we've spent most of the weekend in the garden....planting....re-potting.....weeding....mowing....trimming....sorting.
The mixture of sun and plenty of rain this month means everything has suddenly put on a growth spurt and sprung into life.
This is what made me happiest......2 years ago this whole area of the garden looked like this

yesterday....it looked like this

It's not finished......but it's definately getting there
 The rockery is covered 
 The clematis is clambering up the shed
 The maple adds a lovely touch amongst all the green.
 The mixed salad leaves are almost ready to eat.
And there's lots more little plants nearly ready to go in the garden.
And today.....it's pouring with rain again......but I've lots of crafting to do.....and a lunch meet up with some friends.....I love the half term break!


furrypig said...

the weather is awful today rain rain and more rain! I made the most of the last couple of days and spent hours and hours sitting outside. Your garden is looking wonderful and I could happily eat your salad leaves!

Abi said...

I know! I think we were all in shock about the weather. It was so nice though to sit out in the sun again!

Barbara Eads said...

Your garden is gorgeous!! I can't recognize everything, but the whispy greenery at the bottom of the first picture is interesting. What is the blue flower on the left?

Kathyk said...

It's only looking blooming brilliant (pun intended!!!)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Your garden is looking fantstic! You should be very proud. And it will just continue to look better and better. Happy crafting!

debs14 said...

You've put a lot of hard work into that garden and it shows! Hopefully the sun will return so you can sit back with a chilled glass of wine in a deckchair and enjoy the view!

Sian said...

You lucky thing! As I type there is a report on our news about it being the coldest Spring here since 1986. We are two months behind the gardeners here are saying. Your garden looks lovely

Sandra said...

It's been lovely having such wonderful bank holidays ... But oh my gosh, what happened to the weather today! Was that summer lol.

Your garden is beautiful, you've worked so hard on it

Amy said...

It is hard to believe it is the same garden ... after those snowy photos - looks fabulous!

alexa said...

You are clearly green fingered! And dedicated too. I do envy you your climate conditions as we must be about six weeks behind you ... It is looking more and more lush. I love your maple too.

Karen said...

Your gardens are just beautiful! We've had to spend a lot of time on ours since we've returned. We were way behind. We've been having a lot of rain as well. Yesterday was a sunny one in the midst of several previous rainy ones as well as a rainy forecast for this week.