Thursday, 2 August 2012

St Peters Basilica

I'm not quite sure how I managed to post my Genoa pages before we'd actually left here's a step back!!!!
The last Rome page.......where we started and finished our day in Rome.
St Peter's Square is vast.......truly vast......quite awe inspiring....there were hundreds of people in it......and yet it didn't seem crowded at all......the facts about it are fascinating.......and I added some to my page as a reminder......on top of the vast colonnade are statues of 140 saints......all the photos show some of them.
And luckily for the end of a long,hot day.......there are lots of shady spots.
Next to the Basilica is the Vatican shop.......selling every type of religious icon possible......and if you're ever in's useful to know it has one of only 3 public toilets in the city!!
I've decided the British may have an obsession with toilets.......I'm pleased to report we have public toilets everywhere.....the rest of Europe have almost none......perhaps it's because they frequent cafes and restaurants more then us!!!
The end of our day in Rome was a little typical of the whole 'slightly off'' day.......there was an accident on the motorway.......causing long delays.......and by the time we arrived exhausted back at the should have sailed over an hour earlier!
Due to the heat and crowds......and trying to do too much in one day........we didn't appreciate what we were seeing nearly as much as we would have liked to......and definately plan to return to Rome for a long a cooler time of the year!


Amy said...

Jacky, this is one of the loveliest pages of yours I have ever seen! The paper choices and the design are both spot on - it's fantastic!

Kathyk said...

LOVELY layout Jacky - did you find the "nail"? If you stand on the nail you see only one row of columns!!

Happy Thursday


Alison said...

Yes, I think that big cities need to be visited 'out of season'..the heat can really spoil the experience
Alison xx

Abi said...

I agree with you. We visited Rome a few years back and like you said it was so hot we rushed around a lot of things. There were also huge queues into the vatican. I love your LO on this.

Sian said...

That top left picture with its lovely sweep round look is so clever!

We didn't manage to find the public ones and ended up in McDonalds!

Karen said...

I've enjoyed all your photos, but like Sian, I am really drawn to the top left one in this layout!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful layout. 140? That's quite a lot of saints. I'd never be able to visit Rome with only 3 toilets for public use.

alexa said...

Gosh, that's a lot to see in a short space of time! I especially like the paper you've chosen behind the photos - just perfect.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great paper choice, and I like how the pictures are so clearly the focus. We stayed very close to the Vatican and spent a full day there.

Linda said...

Love your page Jacky! Yes you derfinately need to go back and spend a weekend in Rome. We were out there in April 2009 and it was truly wonderful:)