Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello am I doing with my 'to do' list

Hello's my list doing????
I'm using Hello Monday.....[which originated here] to keep a check on how I'm doing with my 'school's out for summer' to do list......thought it might help to keep me on track!!!!
There's 17 items on the list.
1. try out a new recipe each week.
    bacon tortilla here
2. read a book a week.
    read and enjoyed 'Flash and Bones' by Kathy Reichs.....a forensic science crime thriller
4. start making christmas cards.
     I send a lot of handmade christmas cards......and usually I make a few each month......I     
     can't believe it's got to August and none made......I got as far as stamping and colouring 
     some images last week.
5. revisit Shimelle's 'Cover to cover' course and start organising my scrapbooking.
     Having watched the videos in Week 1.....I re-read some of the prompts.......which inspired 
     me to spend some money!!!!
     I've bought an American Crafts ringbound how Shimelle uses them.......some 
     divided protectors to add extra photos and not feel guilty that I haven't scrapped them
     all.......and 2 cropper hoppers to sort all my plain card into.
     The card has actually now been sorted.

6. make at least 2 scrapped pages a week
     made 4 last 5 pages in my Scavenger mini album.

8. finish and hang conservatory bunting.
    I've finished knitting the bunting.......and have knitted and die cut flowers and leaves to 
    stitch on it.

10. sort out attic
      We began that yesterday........have a pile for a boot sale.......and hope to do one next 
       weekend if the weather is kind.
11. completed
15. spend time on the beach
       One visit to the beach this week.

17. take part in Creative Classroom's 'All about Christmas' online class
      have begun watching the videos and reading the downloads.
I've also done one pilates class.......and a lot of walking as G and I spent 2 days at our 'Old Town' week celebrations.
Hello Olympics......oh yes.....Olympic fever has hit our house as well......DD1 and I have no interest in sport......we never watch it on TV.........3 weeks ago we had never even heard of Bradley how come we are now glued to the TV........shouting at the screen.......know the names of half the world's athletes.......and are getting more excited every day???????
Way to go  Team GB.



Amy said...

Two reasons Jacky, you are hosting and you are doing well - nothing like winners to motivate the masses!

Jesscia Ennis was interviewed on Australian TV, what a gracious and well spoken athlete she is, no wonder she is the face of the games - well done to her!

debs14 said...

I'm the same Jacky. Normally I would be avoiding the TV for the Olympic weeks but this year is so different. Feeling so proud of our Team GB and so happy that the whole event seems to be going so well after all the hype!

Kathyk said...

As you say - GO TEAM GB!!!

WELL DONE too on your great progress with your list. How was the Kathy Reichs book? Love your bunting too

Happy Monday


Sian said...

Brilliant bunting! A Christmassy set would be cool too, I'm thinking, now you have got me onto considering Christmas!

I'm stunned by how much Olympic tv I've been watching - first time I've ever watched any I think

Angelfish said...

The excitement is contagious I think Jacky :o) I've watched more hours of TV, this last week, than the last 6 months put together and more televised sport, than (probably) the whole of my life put together!
Fiona x

Elizabeth said...

Lists are good! I love your bunting and it's going to look gorgeous.

Ginger said...

You cannot help but get caught up in the fever of the Olympics! It's a given - I was completely glued to the television during the Vancouver games and cried when we got our first gold medal, never achieved before at other Canadian Olympic games. It's memories like that which will last for you and your country :)

PS - Your #4 is giving me anxiety!!!

Katiejane said...

That's one hec of a list Jacky! Fingers crossed for you! If you've not read it, you must add "Me before you" to your list, it's a great read.
Have a great week.
Katie x

Alison said...

You're doing well with that list Jacky..and the bunting looks fab!
Alison xx

Denise said...

Goodness me you have a lot on your list! A couple of things are what i would like to be doing too.I've got Flash and Bones and have just started reading it - also making Xmas cards too - bet I don't start yet tho!

Karen said...

Once again, I am impressed with the progress you are making on your list! Your bunting is beautiful!

Maria Ontiveros said...

You're doing great on your list.
Happy Anniversary!!!

Melissa said...

I wanted to create soem Christmas cards this year, too, but haven't even starting thinking about them! How did it get to be August already?

I love the AC ring-bound albums & divided page protectors - can't wait to see your albums come together with these new items. Shimelle had so much wonderful inspiration in the Cover to Cover class.

Cheri said...

You've made fantastic progress on that list Jacky - way to go girl!