Monday, 20 August 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday-how's my 'schools out for summer' list doing!
There's 17 items on the list.

1. Try out a new recipe each week.
    Yogurt cake here.
2. Read a book a week
    Another Patricia Cornwell.....Trace.....the sequel to last week's read......enjoyable read [if 
    'enjoyable' is actually the right word for a Scarpetta book]!!
3. In the garden
    Hot and dry this week.......not the weather for planting my cuttings.....our soil is heavy 
    clay.....after a few weeks of no rain it is rock even weeding was difficult.....but  
    the cutting back and dead heading is filling up the compost tub......and we're still
    harvesting blueberries,peas,tomatoes and various herbs.

4. Make christmas cards
     A definate 'yes' to this one.....quite a lot made.....most still to be posted.

6. Make 2 scrapbook pages a week
    2 made.......though not posted yet.
7. Sew a conservatory cushion

    Started'll just have to guess what going to happen to these pieces!
8. Finish conservatory bunting.
     Finished......and a new knitting project started.
10/11. Sort attic and drawers and have a boot sale
      Attic is mainly sorted......we now realise just how much of the stuff up there belongs to 
      our children!!!
      Slowly baked at boot sale yesterday.....but managed to sell quite a lot......and this morning     
      we had a charity bag left 3 big bags out for them.
15. One visit to the beach this week.
One visit to gym and one pilates class attended.
Hello to a new week.


Elizabeth said...

It is nice how you are organizing your life this summer. You're getting quite a lot accomplished. I am ashamed to admit I have just wasted this summer doing nothing.

Beverly said...

Bravo, you are accomplishing so much! Our attic reorg is taking months :(

debs14 said...

You are putting me to shame with all that you are getting done! The cake recipe looks great, I shall be printing that one out for testing very soon.

Kathyk said...

I'me proud of you keeping to your list as well as you've done - your cushion bits are looking interesting. Thanks for sharing your list AND your progress!

Happy Monday


Sian said...

Honestly you have inspired me to do a bit more planning of our time over the last couple of weeks of holidays. Instead of frittering away our time, we are trying to be a bit more purposeful!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job on the attic - it's such a tough one to tackle! I finished my book group book last night and plan to spend a little time in the garden this morning - watering and journaling.

Amanda said...

Wow you've been busy it all sounds very organised and well done for attempting a boot fair in the heat of yesterday.

Alison said...

I too am very impressed by what you've achieved over the summer...I have achieved very little-though most of my plants have survived, and that in itself IS an achievement!!
Alison xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

Doesn't it feel good to be productive...I love ticking off 'things to do' on a checklist...I have a new item on mine 'try out Jackie's Raspberry Yoghurt Cake recipe...looks delicious!! :D

pinky said...

I am worn out just reading all that Jacky, you sounds so organised!

Amy said...

I think you are so productive and I love the idea of having a purposeful break.