Monday, 13 August 2012

Hello Monday

Hello's my list doing????

I'm using Hello Monday.....[which originated here] to keep a check on how I'm doing with

 my 'school's out for summer' to do list......thought it might help to keep me on track!!!!
There's 17 items on the list.

1. Try out a new recipe each week

    cheddar and bacon muffins here

2. read a book a week

    DD1 bought a trilogy of Patricia Cornwell books.I read 'The Last Precinct' the first 

now need to read the other problem as I'm a big fan of her books

3. Take cuttings

     Haven't done this.....but quite a lot of gardening......weeding.....dead heading

  4. Start making christmas cards

     One made.......ok,ok, it's not much.......but it is a start.....I'll post it later in the week!!

5. revisit Shimelle's 'cover to cover' course

    I've started my 2012 album and begun sorting older pages for albums.

6. make at least 2 scrapbook pages a week

     2 pages made this week

8. finish conservatory bunting

    I've sat and sewn on all the flowers and buttons while watching the Olympics!! Just need 

    to decide how to put it altogether and hang it.

15. one visit to the beach this week
  I've also done 2 pilates classes and been for one swim.

You may notice a lot of numbers missing this week......I blame the Olympics.....never would I 

have thought I'd be so enthralled by them.......and loved the Closing Ceremony last the TV can go back to being switched off.......and I can go back to my list!!!!


Kathyk said...


I think bloggers having an epi (or its my computer) as I can't really read your post as all the lines of text seem to be overlapped - anyone else seeing that?

Great pictures - looks like you are cracking on with your list

Happy Monday - the first day of the NO-lympics!


Amy said...

I'm okay Kathy, no strangeness going on on my screen ... but it could change at any moment I suppose!

I've only seen a little of the closing ceremony, I saw Eric Idle pop his head up and thought it was funny, but that was in the mad rush before school ... hopefully it will be replayed later on.

Alison said...

I never thought I'd be very interested in the Olympics either! Your list looks as though it's going pretty well!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I know what you mean - the Olympics has completely pulled me in. I can't believe how sad I am that it's over!

That beach photo is beautiful..

Elizabeth said...

We didn't get to see much of the Olympics over here. NBC did such a poor job of covering it that I gave up. We didn't even get to see all of the Closing Ceremony. Since it was taped, they managed to mess that up, too. Never did get to see the Who because NBC decided to preview one of their new fall shows! Who is Jessie J? I know I'm out of the link with the younger generation but I never heard of her.

Cheri said...

You still got a lot done! We watched closing ceremonies up to the "comedy" part and then it was bedtime here, so not sure what we missed. Loved reminiscing with George Michael, Queen, Pink Floyd ... so much music I knew that my girls didn't - how's that for a change? We all laughed at the Spice Girls reunion. My how they have all grown up, eh? My girls were so enamored with them when they were younger!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love how your list gives me an insight into what you're doing - I can "see" you sewing, gardening and reading. I also like Patricia Cornwell but haven't read her in quite a while. I need to do some dead-heading and replanting soon.

scrappyjen said...

Love the layout - great beach photo - did you take it? It is fabulous - love the beach too. jenx

pinky said...

Oh dear looks like you are going to be mega busy Jacky but all good stuff. Love the looks of those cheddar and bacon muffins! No way dare I eat them till I get my gallbladder out:( The olympics were amazing and I have watched most of the closing ceremony, more tonight:)

scrappyjen said...

Thanks for popping to see me. You are so lucky to be by the sea. It is my most favourite place to be in any weather at all. I popped a lovely photo of the beach at Scarborough on my blog at the weekend and a brill Anne bronte quote that is perfect for coast lovers. Jenx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love that you are already making Christmas cards, Jacky! You have inspired me and I made up a little design this past weekend that I may be using. :o)

Thanks so much for the adorable card I received in the mail on Saturday! You are such a sweet friend! xo