Saturday, 21 July 2012

Returning to Italy

My 'summer to do list' is already expanding.....I really want to finish scrapping our 2010 cruise before we go on holiday this having already made pages for Pisa and's onto Rome......the 'eternal' city.......full of the most amazing historical should have been the main event......but it wasn't really.......trying to 'do' Rome in a heat of over 40 degrees [bearing in mind that in the UK it rarely reaches 30].......just wasn't a good idea.
We should have just chosen a couple of places that we really wanted to see.....and actually enjoyed them......but you live and learn......and we'll know better next time.....which will definately be in the spring or autumn......not only less heat.....but less crowds as well.
I started with a 'people' taken in the morning........before we became too tired,frazzled and bad tempered!!!!
We decided to go round the city on an open top tour bus......getting on and off at places of interest.......seemed like a good idea......only it was searing hot on the bus.......with plastic seats hot enough to burn you!!
We certainly spent a fortune on cold drinks that day!!


Jo.C said...

We went to Venice years ago in the height of summer so I know exactly what you mean. Made me smile. You live and learn.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful layout page! I can see in the photos how very hot it was there. I'll remember not to go to Italy in the summer.

Karen said...

Sightseeing in the sun and heat is not fun, but your layout is great! We're headed to Atlanta next month and will probably experience the same conditions. I don't think we'll be doing a lot of outdoor sightseeing, though.

Kathyk said...

But I bet you felt it was all worth it! Lovely layout Jacky - Happy Saturday


Amy said...

You've given me quite a giggle this morning Jacky - I know exactly what it is like to travel in the heat! And, 40C in anyone's books is way too hot!

Sian said...

The heat just seems to radiate from that page! Yes, we did that Rome in a Day trip, though I don't think it was quite so hot for us. The Forum was our favourite thing