Friday, 13 April 2012

The Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show

This weekend it's time for The Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show at Ally Pally.......and despite the fact that it gets mega's one of my favourite days out. A whole day surrounded by papers,paints and stamps......about 60 exhibitors......all the new stuff......loads of's even worth getting up at silly o'clock.....and a horrible get a whole day in.
You may think I don't need any more craft may be right.....but what I'm really looking for is some new scrapbook papers.....mine are all so old that they just don't inspire me any more.....though I'm sure one or two stamps may sneakily jump in the basket!!
Anyone else off to Ally Pally??
And the last of this round of Brit art cards......did I hear a sigh of relief?
A fairly 'flat'........2 dimensional card.......and with the horrendous rise in UK postal rates next month.......I think I'll have to be making far more 'flat' cards in future!!


pinky said...

Have fun and spend loads. I definitely have no more room for anything new, can't fit what I have into my new BIGGER space:( Love your card, just the inspiration I need as I have a few of these to make for the end of the month. Think I will be going flat for all postal cards now too:(

Cheri said...

It is a crying shame that postal rates has to put a damper on your creativity! Hope you have a wonderful time at the show.

Sian said...

It's such a shame about the postal rates - I can't help thinking about my wonderful pile of cards I received from crafting friends last Christmas and wondering what will happen this year.

I love the Brit cards and am happy to see them keep on coming!

Have a fab time at the show

Kathyk said...

I have to agree that I'm starting to make flatter cards too, postage is now almost as expensive as the card!!!

I'm not bored with your lovely and patriotic Brit cards - keep 'em coming I say!

Have a wondrous time at Ally Pally - only sorry I can't join you but, once again I shall be heading to the crafting capital of the world so it's not like I'm too hard done by!

Happy Friday


Stephanie said...

Loving all the patriotism on you blog Jacky! Have a fabulous time at Ally Pally, wish I was going too :) xxx p.s the upcoming postage increase is outrageous :(

Melissa said...

Have fun at the show - I picked up new papers several times lately, but I haven't had time to put them into my papers drawers. I have them piled beside my craft table & am planning to use some inspiration from Shimelle's online event these next few days to play with them.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Have a great day Jacky! Ally Pally is my fave too, in spite of how crowded it gets! I would love to have met up with yu but I'm still not driving & the journey by public transport is just ridiculous!...& as you say I don't actually NEED anything, but I just love to see & touch it all & always come home with waaay too much!!!!! Enjoy! :D x

alexa said...

Hope you have a splendid time! I have never been ... Lighter postal packets sound just the thing in this age of daylight robbery!

Alison said...

Have a lovely time Jackie..and yes, the postage prices are getting ridiculous...especially for the amount of time they can take to arrive from here!
Alison xx

Kathyk said...

SO? How was it?!?!?!? What did you find, what did you buy ..... come on spill!!!

Hope you had a fantabulous day, Jacky


Becky said...

My ladies and I are saving up to go the Ally Pally in September this year - after going twice last year I think I need to restrain myself a bit this year! Hope you have had a wonderful time and got lots of new papers.