Friday, 2 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas 2- Christmas mail art??

I've loved being part of Ginger's mail art exchange this's been great fun decorating envelopes to post across the world......and just as much fun receiving sending christmas cards in plain white envelopes seemed a tad boring in comparison.
But.....and it's a big but.......I send a lot of cards......and I don't have time to highly decorate them could I find a simple solution......well.....I thought I had......but as you may have noticed.....with me......simple doesn't tend to be quite as simple as I'd envisaged!!!!!
I began by spraying a whole group of envelopes at far,so good.....these were all left to dry for a couple of hours.
I then stenciled snowflakes on each envelope using a brass stencil and a white paste.......slight 'slowing down' problem quickly became apparent.......after about 4 cards.....the stencil began to ooze a washing it off was needed.......but not too big a problem.
I had, of course, forgotten that once the paste dampened the spray paint, it would mix the colours slightly.....but never mind.......the effect was still there.
And I do think they make a change from white envelopes......and they were still fairly quick to make.
But then our mail was delivered in the pouring rain today......and some of it was wet......and I now have visions of postmen with blue stained hands.......and christmas cards with blue streaks.......and the Post Office 'heavies' banging on my door demanding compensation.....and the recipients sending me their dry cleaning bills......hmmmm......p'raps I better not post them at all....or pray for dry weather [throughout the world]!!!!!!


Kathyk said...

Your envelopes are fabulously festive Jacky ........ but you may be right about the colours running in the rain (hopefully not the bit about "heavies" and "compensation" though). I usually stick to stamping and stickles for envelope embellishment - just call me CHICKEN!!!

Happy Friday


Sian said...

Oh wow! They do look amazing!

Amy said...

Oh good on you for giving it a go - they look very pretty and I am sure the various posties won't be too worried!

Cheri said...

They are gorgeous! And I'd be more than willing to risk having my other mail (mostly bills and junk mail) getting stained blue! No problem!

Melissa said...

The envelopes turned out great. I stamped on my card envelopes using three different Christmas stamps that I had in my stash because I didn't want to send just white envelopes either.

Judie aka Craftymess said...

they are gorjuss, i thinks its a brill idea xx

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Ooh...they are so pretty Jacky...I hope those postmen look after them...they are so precious!
Hope you have a great weekend too,
Susan x

pinky said...

Beautiful envelopes Jacky. I experienced a bit of the wet stuff today when I was taking photos of my cards. You can see rain spots on them now but it did dry out again lol. Good luck with the postmen!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh definitely post them! Part of the fun of mail art is seeing what happens on the travels.
Hope you're having a great December.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

LOVE the envelopes and all the effort you put into them. I often wonder when I put something in the mail how it will hold up and what it will look like when it reaches its destination. Here's hoping your postie doesn't come looking for you! ;o)

Karen said...

I love them, but I would have never thought of the possibility of a postman's blue fingers!!!!