Friday, 16 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas 16- JYC - Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is one of my favourite 'christmasy' things.......DD2 and I decorated it at the weekend......she was in charge......apparently she has better taste than me.....and certain 'tacky' decorations are not allowed on the tree.....but they're still hiding in the bottom of the box.......waiting their chance in future years!!!
Our ancient lights had given up the a new 'multi function' set were purchased.....and for my JYC Journal entry I decided to focus on the lights this year.
sorry for slightly blurry photo
You can tell I'm not a great photographer.....but I still like the effect of the lights against the dark background.


Amy said...

Just pop the 'tacky' decs up when she's not looking .... the lights look great!

Kathyk said...

Fab layout and your tree looks great, Jacky. As for the decorations deemed too tacky - how about sneaking them on round the back?

Happy Friday


Sian said...

The lights look beautiful. And as for decorations? "anything goes" trees are my favourite kind

humel said...

Our tree's going up tomorrow - tacky decorations and all! :)

Jacky, I received a beautiful Christmas card yesterday - I didn't recognise the writing but as soon as I opened the envelope I recognised the layering and matting :) Thank you so much! xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

LOVE your layout, Jacky. I think you got some really nice photos of the lights. I just love that little strand of Christmas lights embellishing the top of your page too! ;o)

Alison said...

Great LO Jacky...the pics of the lights came out well!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Cookie baking this afternoon; decorations coming out maybe, too. The tree will go up on Sunday! Finally, it will look like Christmas around here.

Beverly said...

We start decorating today (Saturday) I decorated at my parents last weekend and put up most of the tacky ones but some seemed extra tacky and they had no connection to our family. I think one of their tenants must have left a box behind in one of the townhouses. They are beyond tacky. I love lights off and Christmas lights on, a great JYC topic :)

Karen said...

We still put up the elegant with the tacky. They all have memories attached, but I have to admit I moved a few of the tackiest ones to the back sides of the tree! Love the little lights you found to embellish your page.