Thursday, 22 September 2011

Scavenger Hunt mini album- completed- almost!

This summer I've joined in Rinda's photography Scavenger's been great fun.......I've made a mini album of all my photos......but I've failed to complete it........sigh.....3 photos short......I could have 'cheated' and photographed pictures in books......but decided to leave the pages blank.......and add the photos when I do eventually find the items!!
the album cover
1. a self portrait
2. a museum
3. a fire in a fireplace
4. a protest
5. a hand written sign selling something
6. a pirate
7.a decorated mail box [or for non-US residents a garden sculpture]....I really did try to find a decorated mail box.....but couldn't even find a graffiti decorated one!!!!
8. your country's flag
9. a festival or fair
10. a wooden bridge
11. a forest
13.a cemetery of historical significance.......this one holds great historical significance to my mum, grandparents and aunt are buried there.
14. a castle.......our castle is in ruins......but it is there....up on the cliffs......above the ruined looking building!
15. graffiti art....overseen by Rinda there extra points for capturing Rinda????? 
16. a building made of metal or glass.......a bit of a cheat.....but our conservatory is definately made of glass 
17. rain......not hard to find in the UK!!!!!
20. a handmade roadside memorial..........this is a c**p photo because I felt very awkward taking it.....I'm still not sure it's an appropriate thing to photograph....even though it is public
20. a rooster.......very cute tins......I might have bought one...if the price hadn't made me flinch!!
And the ones I've missed.......a unicycle......a bee hive......and a person sketching outside.
Thanks for organising the hunt, was a great project for the summer.


Kathyk said...

Excellent album - great job. I think I'd have been with you about the roadside memorial too

Happy Friday


Kathyk said...

Forgot to say that I saw a unicyclist on a Bristol street recently, shame I didn't have my camera handy!


Maria Ontiveros said...

This is so awesome Jacky! I'm really glad that your participated and that I'm in your album! Be sure to leave a comment on my concluding post. And leave a link back to your post if you get a chance!

Lauren Hatwell said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea. Challenging in a good way; lots of fun; interesting to look at and, I suspect, fun to make. An all round great job.


Sandra said...

You've done really well, and what a great idea to put them in a mini album

Heather said...

Great job Jacky! Im sure we all agree that extra points should definitely be awarded for snapping Rinda - what a scoop! xx

Sian said...

What a wonderful record of a summer this is Jacky! Much much better to make the album with the spaces than not make the album at all. And yours is extra special because you actually have a picture of Rinda in it!

Amy said...

Personally I think you are a contender for the over-schiver category .. I mean really, a full booklet and a photograph of the creator of this grand event!

My paltry efforts will be visible later tonight - after some serious blog hopping!

Karen said...

Love your album! I'm still looking for the two I didn't find even though the hunt is over.

Alison said...

Definately extra points for having Rinda in a your book!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Fantastic album! Love the photo of the conversatory and that graffiti is stunning. Yep, at least three extra points for Rinda!

karenw said...

Love scavenger hunts and you've done so well with this one - as well as documenting it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing x

ps you won a prize in the latest southern girls blog hop! Pop over to my blog for the details

JO SOWERBY said...

maybe having maria in the photo will give u extra points
jo xxx

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic mini-album. Your photographs are wonderful. I only wish I had jumped in and joined the scavenger hunt. Maybe next year because there is nothing I enjoy more than making mini-albums--except knitting socks.

Ginger said...

What a great way to portray all those wonderful photos Jacky!! I agree with Amy... you could definitely be a contender for the overachiever :)

Abi said...

what a lovely book and amazing photos. I definitely think extra points for capturing rinda herself! xxx

Becky said...

Love that you have put your photos into a mini album - great idea :)

Jane said...

I wish I'd taken part in that, it looks great fun

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love that you put all these photos into a mini-album, Jacky. What a great way to save this memory! :o)

Fiona said...

Lovely idea to put all the photos together into a mini album. I wasn't too sure about taking photos of a roadside memorial either.

Beverly said...

You rocked this, Jacky!