Sunday, 30 January 2011

Making a Story Sack- Part 2

The first part of Making a Story Sack [with all the info] is here. My story is 'Handa's Surprise'.
And I made the sack for the first post.....though it still needs the seams sewing.
Story Sacks always have puppets.........children love puppets and can really develop their learning playing with one extreme puppets can be works of art......but at the other.....they can be very simple.
I've made Handa as a felt hand puppet.....many of the parents on my course have never sewn she's very simply sewn......and as you can see........I'm not the greatest stitcher in the world myself......just hope her face doesn't frighten the children!!!!!! Her hair is wool......and most of it has been plaited.......her nose has been stuffed slightly.......and I may decorate her dress a bit more.
There are quite a few animals in the story........I could have made finger puppets.....or sock puppets.......but decided to make really simple lolly stick puppets.The animal pictures have been cut out.......laminated.....and glued onto large lolly sticks.....great fun to make and play with.
Next time there will be even more resources to go in the sack.


Kathyk said...

Woo Hoo - I've been waiting for the next instalment, what a FAB idea and I'm loving your lolly puppets. Bet the kids will too.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I think the Lolly stick puppets are the perfect compliment to the felt hand puppet?

pinky said...

Wow I am sure they will love these Jacky, goes a long way with the story telling idea. Love it.

Lynne in NI said...

Ohhh these are fabulous! What a great idea!

Tracy said...

Hi Jacky,
Your story sack looks brilliant. I did a course and made a Dear Zoo story sack, I loved coming up with ideas and Bobby loved the game I made for it too.
They really are great learning resources and bring mum and child together for some special time.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Cheryl said...

Love it Jacky and those puppets are just so cute x

Karen said...

This gets better and better---and it was wonderful to begin with!

Kristel said...

That looks really gorgeous Jacky!!!
Hugs Kristel

Heather said...

super job Jacky & I love the lollystick animals :)

Sian said...

It's fantastic! I love Handa's little stuffed nose, it really brings her face to life. And the animals are perfect - I'd love the chance to do a bit of storytelling with this set.

Judie aka Craftymess said...

they are fabbie, my little pickle loves them as well, shes sitting on my lap while i dot he rounds as shes not well today

judie xx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hooray - I've been looking forward to your next installment of the story sack feature. :o) LOVE the little girl puppet, and I think the animals on the sticks are quite effective. Well done, Jacky!

humel said...

Oh, my. These are super! I shall be showing them to my colleagues to get them inspired :-)