Sunday, 19 September 2010

So how much do you use your computer?

In a recent post someone mentioned just how many things she used her computer for......which got me thinking.......our computer is rarely switched off when anyone is at home........even OH now uses it quite frequently......and DD often has to be reminded that she has her own laptop.......and please get off MY what do I use it for?

I learned I use it far too much!!!!!!!

  1. Work related- emails,writing Schemes of Work,lesson plans,evaluations,research, downloading resources,printing.
  2. Crafts-cardmaking, scrapbooking and knitting mainly,reseaching ideas and patterns, downloading kits,taking classes etc.,belonging to 2 craft forums
  3. Blogging- posting and reading blogs,taking part in blog challenges
  4. Shopping and price comparison sites,researching before I buy,drooling over stuff I won't be buying.....and sometimes actually buying.
  5. Buying and selling on Ebay
  6. Free-cycling
  7. Banking
  8. Paying bills.....and receiving paperless bills
  9. Photos- storing,archiving,editing,printing
  10. Card games
  11. Occasional MSN chatting
  12. Sending and receiving emails
  13. Researching and booking holidays,theatre,cinema,transport etc.
  14. Journey planning
  15. Googling-almost anything I want to find out about I google!
  16. Reading info of interest on websites eg. Energy Saving Trust,magazine websites,cookery sites etc. etc.
  17. Survey sites.....I belong to a few......fill in online surveys......test products.......earn cash and vouchers
  18. Enter competitions.......and even win some!  
And  I'm sure this list isn't exhaustive.....pretty scary really.....just how much I rely on how much do you use your computer!!!             


Kathyk said...

Yep, me too - all of the above!!! So much so that we even have our own PC's here at the Purple Palace and yes, they ARE networked!!!!!


humel said...

Gosh, scary - me too, with the sole exception of #11 - I never use MSN; but I can also add Twitter to my list (although this is a very new development for me and I'm not using it much - and I may stop altogether if it's taking over too much!)

pinky said...

Me three lol, how did we ever survive without them!! Of course they are the greatest invention since sliced bread till they start to act up!!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh yes, I switch it on when I get up and off when I go to bed! I use it for all those things and more and think I sit on this chair more often than I do the sofa!

Mary B said...

Yes my computer goes on when I get up and doesn't get shut down until I go to bed. I do put it into hibernation when I go out.
My list isn't quite as bit as yours but certainly I am on it a lot, mainly doing my digi pages. chatting to friends on UKS and blogging, Banking, googling, etc etc etc.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Much like you, but I don't do eBay or pay bills.

Liberty :) said...

gosh,was it me who posted about the internet?! i literally cant live without it and leave it on all day because i cant bear to wait the 20 mins for it to boot up! !

Sarah C said...

I can relate to this list in more ways than one. Don't know what I'd do if I could never use a computer or the internet again!! :o Too scary to think of!!! xx

Cheri said...

There are just a few items on your list I don't use the computer for (freecycle, card games, msn chat, surveys) but then i have to add Facebook, hooking into my office network to work on contracts, legal research, etc, and then there is the digital scrapbooking...

Sian said...

What I can't believe is that up until 3 years ago I never ever went near our computer - I could barely send an email. It was when I discovered scrapbooking and started to want to look at UKS and all the rest that I got my own laptop and started to learn. Before that, nothing. Now I don't know what I'd do without it.

Deb said...

Yes, it is a bit scary how much we rely on our computers isn't it? Look at how much our worlds have changed as a result. I'd be lost without mine!

Great post, Jacky!

Tracy said...

I have never realised how much I need the computer, until I saw your list and found I do about everything on it.
Scary really, you don't actually need to go out of the house anymore.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Rhona said...

My computer is on virtually all the time and I would be lost without it. Seeing your list makes me think I should do one of my own and see just what I do use it for.
Thought provoking for sure! Thanks Jacky

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm like Sian...I was a complete techie virgin up till about 3 years ago & then i discovered emailing...ebay...then friends reunited...UKScrappers...Scrapcene...Blogging...& now I'm logged on daily...banking, shopping, classes... & chatting with the best of them! Scary just how big a part of daily life it has become!

Pippa said...

I'm with Pinky, I can't imagine what we did before!

I had an email account in the early 90's when there were few people to send them too LOL!
We have 1 each and I have a laptop too, I do everything on the computer, saves so much time.

furrypig said...

Hiya Jacky thanks for the comments on my blog just popped on to reply! I did see on LSNED that there was a 'meet up' about 12 so will be brave and come and see everyone... might just be you and me LOL! Look forward to it xxx

Rachel B said...

Yes it's super scary when you think of it like that, I'm on mine an awful lot and I check the internet on my phone too!! I never used to be this obsessed with technology!!!!! :)