Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Journal Your Christmas - New Years Eve - last page

I prefer to finish my JYC with New Years Eve......some how it just seems the right stopping point for me.
The last 2 years OH has been working.......but he was at home this year......and we actually went out with friends..........a local pub offering a 3 course meal and live band for £14.95.....too good to miss.

The meal was delicious....the local band surprisingly good........we arrived home at 1pm........ready for bed.......only to be invited into our neighbour's for a drink...........finally staggered home at 2.30......definately the worse for wear.......but a great night.
Although I don't love every page........I do love the album as a whole.........so many memories to keep forever.........and using papers and embellishments from the one pack.....sort of gives a unity to it all.


Becky said...

I love your new year's eve page! I've also done JYC and really enjoyed it too - it does help to keep some wonderful memories, doesn't it?

furrypig said...

Another great page! Was this your first time doing JYC? If so would you recommend it and did you use a kit from Shimelle for it?? Sorry lotsa questions as considering it for next Christmas. Thanks xxx

Laura Y said...

Congratulations on completing JYC. I had to shut down around day 14 due to husbands surgery, xmas stuff and general craziness with 4 kids at home. But I've done the journaling and taken the photos, so I'll try to get it put together in the next few weeks or so. I see you did your first digital page recently - welcome to the dark side!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the color combintaiton. You've done such a great job keeping up on your album.

Tracy said...

Hi Jacky,
A lovely end to a lovely album, what a beautiful keepsake.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Sian said...

Wonderful end to your album Jacky! (Sounds like a wonderful end to your year too actually)

humel said...

Lovely :-) I love your album too! And I echo your sentiment about loving the album as a whole, not needing to love every page.

SallyB said...

Happy New year Jacky! I am pleased to be back in the UK and at home with all my bits and bobs around me! New York was incredible and I am glad to have finally been there to see all the sights. Glad you liked my photos...Yes, I would love to think that I will scrapbook them!
My New years 'AIM'...keep reminding me! I guess there is lots of New York themed paper and embellishments out there! I will have to look on ebay! I have loved catching up with all your photos and the album...It's so lovely!
I am looking forward to doing some crafting...asap! catch up with you soon!