Saturday, 5 December 2009

I love dogs....or do I ??

I love dogs........but sometimes I hate today........when 'Vets Pension Plan' jumps on the dining room table and eats half a bag of chocolate nut clusters while I'm answering the front may wonder how a [very small] Staffie can jump on the dining room do I........I have never seen her do it.........only seen her sailing off she hears me coming!!

I blamd DS........who fed her junk food on his lap when she was a puppy........she is the only dog I know who recognizes McDonalds......on a TV advert.


Amy said...

Jacky, we call our four legged friend 'Vets Children's Education' or 'Vets Fancy New Car' - she's not so bad now ... touch wood, but some years have been very expensive!Our girl like to sneak items straight off the BBQ - very annoying.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh dear Jackie. This has made me laugh so much. What a little monster...but that's why we love em isn't it. Lauren x

Tracy said...

My two dogs enjoy a munch on a chair leg, there getting a bit chewed in parts we're actually a bit worried about sitting on them now.
Vets pension plan is very handsome.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

humel said...

I laughed so much at this post Jacky! Poor you with the choc nut clusters... But how could be cross with such a gorgeous hound?!

Beverly said...

Hope your dog is better ... but had to laugh at the "Vets Pension Fund" ... Good luck keeping them away from the goodies!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I know, I know. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Kathyk said...

Are you SURE it was the dog?????? Mind you, having said that our last one snaffled a brand new bar of chocolate and (how cool is this in dog terms) took it behind the couch, and ate the contents, leaving the wrapper behind the couch and us very confused (for a short while) wondering where it had gone!!
LOvely story - shame about the loss of your chocolate covered nuts - mmmmm