Monday, 6 April 2009

Yet more Citrus!!!

Having done 2 citrus colour challenges last week....I see that Cute Card Thursday also has citrus colours for their challenge...must be the 'in' colours of the week!!!

Being in the citrus is my take on this one.

The card and papers are from my 'oddments' seems to be getting bigger and bigger,so I vow to always check it first when I start a card to see if there's anything I can use up....wonder how long that good intention will last!!!!

Image is watercoloured.....sentiment is Stampin from a blog candy win.....paper ribbon is Doodlebug...and brads from stash.

Yesterday was the start of the boot fair season...and what a perfect day for it.....I'm a bit of a boot fair couldn't miss the first 2 lovely quilting books for 50p each.....some frames for altering....and a giant terracotta throw for the dogs' sofa [yes,sadly,they do have their own sofa....keeps them off ours] for £1....a real bargain...cause otherwise I'd have had to buy one at an extortionate price [seeing as it's for dogs] from a real shop as present one has definately come to the end of its life.


Craftyrose said...

Deliciously fruity Jacky! What a corker!

lorna said...

i'm loving your brightness jacky.

Janpear said...

gorgeous card, I love the colours it's very summery x

pinky said...

Another lovely creation, you've no excuses now though with all that lovely candy to work your way through. lol

Deb said...

Gorgeous card Jacky, the colours are so pretty and I love the cute image! Many thanks for joining in the CCT challenge! Have a great evening, Debx

Linnie said...

fab card love the spring colours..i am loving these kind of combinations

Monica Anderberg said...

Very nice! I really like your combo of your decorations. Just lovely!

Monica at

SallyB said...

A really lovely colour combo! The image is great!
Will be glad not to be doing anymore Easter cards now!

Anonymous said...

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