Friday, 24 April 2009

Stamptacular Black,White and Red

Another black and white challenge....this time from Stamptacular....and this time any one other colour you choose. I think you can tell I chose red!!!

My new bashful Edwin was watercoloured.....and given some lovely red heart brads.....papers all offcuts....flower Papermania....Penny Black border stamp.

All doom and gloom in our house today....DD1 has fallen out with boyfriend.....she phoned restaurant and cancelled their table for her birthday meal looks like her new Jane Norman dress won't be being worn just yet.....maybe I should ask him if he'd like this card!!!!


Karen said...

Beautiful cards Jacky.

Love Karen xxx

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Jacky...what a darling card you've created! You know...until this challenge I really didn't ever like the color red BUT I must admit, I've grown quite fond of the color when paired with black and white.

Thanks for playing along! Hope you'll join us again for more challenge fun!


Donna said...

Great card Jacky, love your coloring on Edwin, he's not seen very often on cards, but he's a cutie, love your choice of red too.
Thanks for joining us this week

SallyB said...

Hi Jacky..great colour choice to put with the black and white!
Hope the love-birds make up! I can imagine you standing there in the middle with your eyes to the sky..deep breath now! I think your card would help!

Paula said...

What an adorable card...Edwin is soo cute! Love the little added hearts...perfect touch!
Thanks for joining us this week at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge!

Line said...

Hi Jacky, what a cute card you've created! I'm not good at making malecards so it's always great to see others do:) Love the red with the B & W, I've reallly grown fond of the combo lately. Thanks for playing along this week at SSC!

Hugs, Line

Crafting Joanne said...

Hi Jacky

What a wonderful card, lovely layout and totally love the image in black and white with just the flowers highlighted in red, superb.

Thank you for joining us this week over at SSC and good luck.

Joanne x

Steph said...

I love black/red combo - it's always so stunning & this card is no exception - nice one Jacky! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a great layout! You did such a great job with the challenge.

joey said...

Hi Jacky, fantastic card, I love the image and striking red, gorgeous layout. Thanks for playing this week.

Julie said...

Lovely choice of colours, the card is fab.
Hope your daughter and her bf make up.
Julie x

Craftyrose said...

Beautifully vibrant Jacky!

lorna said...

love it jackie

Anonymous said...

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