Saturday, 24 January 2009

Another Amelia

Had to take DD1 to hospital for day surgery on both her ankles, she had bones where she shouldn't have and they somehow ground them down!!!! She is not a happy bunny and there's a lot of whinging going on, so I can foresee a lot of fetching and carrying over the next few days, especially as she has to keep her legs up and rest as much as possible .....nothing new there though!!!!

Watercoloured this Amelia when I did the last one ,so this afternoon managed to get it made up into a card.


pinky said...

Sorry to hear about DD, hope she's back on her feet again soon, for your sake as well as her's.LOL. Another lovely creation.

lorna said...

hope your dd is feeling better jacky.

pinky said...

Any news on DD1, haven't seen you around.

Kathyk said...

Good to hear your daughter is feeling a smidge better. Love your work Jacky and hope this post will let you know that I'm following your blog!!!