Thursday, 11 December 2008

Journal Your Xmas

Xmas trees....I love isn't xmas without a tree.
I didn't want to cover all the lovely snowy jo background paper,so the journaling is under the title.
It says 'Xmas isn't xmas without a tree.When the children were very little we had an artificial tree as real ones were too expensive.Then for many years we had a real one,always trying to get one with roots.We actually managed to keep one going for 3 years.When we moved last year I didn't really want pine needles where the tree was going so we decided to get an artificial one from Homebase.It's quite realistic looking,covered in snow and looked lovely with all the decorations.Hopefully will last for many years.'

1 comment:

lorna said...

ah love this page jacky, and i love trees too.