Monday 21 December 2015

Is it December?? Is it nearly Christmas??

Is it really December......because on Saturday we were outdoors with no coats....and the washing was drying on the line....and the grass needed mowing....and the geraniums are still in flower.....and it was 60 degrees.
It's just weird.

Is it really nearly Christmas....because we should be wearing coats and scarves and gloves....and we aren't....and the central heating should be on...and it isn't.
It's just weird.
Because this is the northern hemisphere....and it should be cold at this time of year.
I'm not complaining.....because one day soon we'll wake up and it will be freezing....and there'll be 5 inches of snow on the ground.
It's just weird.
So we're going to apparently find out what a warm christmas is like......because they say it'll be the warmest Christmas Day since records began.
It's just weird.
Welcome to the warm southern UK.......Christmas style.


Kathyk said...

Apparently out temperatures are more in line with April - we've certainly got crocus shooting!

Merry Christmas to you, your family and your readers

Thanks for our card too


Karen said...

Seems to be the same on both sides of the Atlantic! And I'm not complaining either! Thanks for the darling card which is proudly displayed in our basket on the kitchen counter. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jane said...

I'm looking forward to a bright, frosty morning. Happy Christmas to you and your family x

debs14 said...

Daffodils are in flower here, it's very odd.i wonder what Spring will be like! When the cold weather comes it's going to take us all by surprise.
Wishing you a very happy Christmas x

Sandra said...

It all just feels wrong somehow lol. I remember all the newspapers saying that this winter was going to be the coldest on record!

Barbara Eads said...

I wish you a very merry and mild Christmas!

Unknown said...

It is a little strange going out without a coat in December, I keep thinking I'm going to wake up to the complete opposite :)

Sian said...

I have actually seen snow here, last weekend near my Mum's; but we have no heat on here this morning. Weird it id.

Sheena said...

It is all rather odd isn't
Our grass is going to need mowing if these temperatures continue!!

Cheri said...

Our grass is still green - I'm expecting any day to see the trees budding or flowers blooming.... Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card which arrived last week!

Helen Philipps said...

So strange isn't it? I have got narcissus in flower in the garden! Merry Christmas Jacky!
Helen xox

Stephanie Gau t said...

Just been woken up by strong win (no, outside the house...). Yesterday morning was beautiful, today looks vile again. If this is global warming I don't like it! Happy Christmas!

Lynne in NI said...

The weather's mad isn't it? Our daffodils are pushing up already!
Hope you have a fab Christmas

Sandie said...

i hope you had a happy Christmas, and wishing you a happy new year and some good things to come