Friday 4 January 2013

Journal Your Christmas catch up

I got way behind with JYC this last year......the middle 2 weeks of December just seemed manic.....I did read the prompts.....take photos.....make notes in the small part of my brain that was still working.
On Sunday I had a quiet day to myself......strangely quiet after the busyness of the previous week......everybody else at I settled down to complete some pages.....and was very thankful I'd got the backgrounds already made.
So here's the first half of a catch up.
The mail art display board turned into a 'christmas card art' display board with cards from around the world.....many thanks to you all.
Our local W.I. group again had an amazing 'afternoon tea' at a local's so good I think it's probably going to become a Christmas tradition......this year we added a Secret Santa and a [rather obscure!] Christmas quiz.

DD1 and I went into our town's last late night shopping evening.......a little bit of shopping.....a lot of admiring the lights.....watching the skating.......and drinking coffee.....I decided to use one of my butchered altered SS divided page protectors to add some extra photos.......I wouldn't use this size again.....too much fiddly cutting......and I can't successfully photograph it either!!!
Buying a turkey was not on this year's list of DS was cooking Christmas dinner......chicken,gammon and lamb......but I couldn't resist this bargain......which was cooked,sliced and frozen in portions for us to enjoy throughout the year!!
Just Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and Boxing Day left to document now.


alexa said...

You've done very well to document it all this far - by the time January comes, I can feel that I am losing some willpower in the finishing department! Like your strikethrough :).

Kathyk said...

Brilliant pages and well done on an excellent catch up - love the idea of the get together and Secret Santa!

Happy New Year to you and yours Jacky


Sian said...

Now that's a job well done! It's heartening to see lots of completed pages..I didn't get out of the starting blocks with a journal this year. This is a wonderfully cheering and celebratory feeling one

Karen said...

Lovely pages, all. I love the display of cards. I did that last year, but left the photos of the grandchildren up this year. I missed it, though, so I need to come up with a solution to have both next year.

Elizabeth said...

You did a nice job of catching up on JYC. I took the easy way out this year and just wrote in my notebook. Perhaps during the year I'll make some layouts but probably not!

Sandie said...

Well done Jackie. I admitted defeat this year and didn't even start JYC. I love mini albums and yours has reminded me of what I missed :(

Alison said...

Well done Jacky...I gave up before I started this year too!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages Jacky. I am impressed that you are managing a full page everyday while I am struggling to get a 2 x 3inch card done. Nevermind it is the crop tomorrow so hopefully I will catch up or even finish!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Lovely pages Jacky & well done on the catch up! I still have my JYC started in 2008 to complete...I'd thought this was the year, but NO!! I love that you bought a turkey to cook & freeze for the year ahead...I love turkey & never get bored with it!! Enjoy!! :D

Maria Ontiveros said...

Your pages look great. glad you found some time for yourself.